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Reap Benefits of Self-Directed Learning Through Online Education

Traditional education has given us a picture that learning can only be done within the confines of classroom with a teacher sharing the subject matter. But with increased availability of new technologies, self-directed learning is fast becoming the style of choice for a lot of students. It’s a method where a student gets educational material on their own but follows a module that helps pace the lessons for better retention of information. 

And experts agree that this style of learning does more than just academic good. A study by researchers from Michigan State University found that aside from mastering subject matters, self-directed learners also acquire essential life skills because it fosters creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to solve complex problems. 

Locally, online-based schools like AMA Online Education encourage its students to be self-directed learners through easy to follow modules and digital tools that make learning accessible and easy to digest. Offering this type of flexibility also gives individuals the opportunity to learn while balancing other priorities—shaping goal-oriented, confident, and well-rounded students. 


But how exactly do you benefit from being a self-directed learner through online-based education? Here are three gains from this modern approach to studying.  

You get better at goal setting

Self-directed learning entails managing your time efficiently in order to eventually accomplish set goals. With lessons divided into modules, you need to accomplish one in order to move to the next. By giving you smaller goals to accomplish, you end up with a bigger goal that you will achieve. 
No matter how short-term or long-term your goals are, these help motivate you in juggling other commitments, be it an 8-5 job, a raket, or other life goals. 

You become more independent 

Time and technology presents an opportunity to be more creative in learning and accomplishing tasks. In an online set up, you get to utilize a school’s learning management system which allows you to follow the modules at your own pace but also allows you to interact with peers to clarify certain topics and get fresh perspectives. 

The challenge of shaping your learning environment is higher since online set-ups demand independence. But the best part is you get to create your own style which works for you. 

You become better at problem solving

With arguably more time on-hand, being an online school student makes you more mindful of the barriers that may arise when it comes to your study time. This constant challenge of having to manage your time well or adjusting to different situations helps when it’s time to solve a more complex situation—be it a module you don’t understand, or a dilemma in managing multiple requirements at once. 

With all these benefits, you are not only learning at your chosen style and pace, you are also getting to accustomed to the modern workplace—one that preaches agility through the use of technology. Choosing to learn online is the first step in ensuring you are future-proof, too.

“Effective utilization of technology is important to develop an independent approach to learning. Through our platform, we want to give students the power to determine areas they want to learn, identify the extent of learning they want, and independently measure their understanding of a topic”, shares  Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz, Vice Chairman and CEO of AMA Education System. 

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