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Roomi Studio launches the Mushroom Gateway Grow Kit for healthy meals that’s good for the planet

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — This can be the start of our mushroom journey. The ROOMI Mushroom Gateway Grow Kit is the easiest way to learn and grow gourmet mushrooms. In 10 days, we can harvest and enjoy delicious healthy meals with the lowest impact on the environment.

ROOMI STUDIO is a mushroom creative studio that aims to introduce the beauty and wonder of the fungi kingdom and its uses in daily life.

ROOMI was created by Corinne Serrano and DJ Morales during the height of the pandemic when they felt the need to educate themselves on how to sustainably grow food right on the table, as well as reduce carbon and water waste within the comfort of their own home.

The brand started with ROOMI Grow Bags, Corrine and DJ’s love letter to forests, packaged for growth in the comfort of their own homes. Each Bag is made from sustainably sourced waste and uses the least environmental impact.

ROOMI uses a Grow Mix of agricultural waste like hay, wood shavings, and coconut husks that would otherwise be burned or put in our landfills. Fungi actually really help the environment by using the least amount of water and time to grow into a harvest that’s ready to cook and enjoy. ROOMI also created the Bag to be disposable and the substrate can be used directly as fertilizer in home gardens.

The Mushroom Gateway Grow Kit launch will be ROOMI’s stepping stone to more accessible and user-friendly mushroom growing kits with its circular experience designed for beginners and fungi enthusiasts alike. Through this first Grow Kit launch, ROOMI also aims to raise funds for future community initiatives.

Each Grow Kit advocates handmade earth care and is made locally as the team makes sure each Mushroom Gateway Grow Kit will be created and timed well so that immediately when users open it, they can start their ROOMI Journey.

It will start at the introductory price of PHP 750, and go on to PHP 800 SRP, including the Grow Bag (mushroom color of choice), a guidebook, and exclusive ROOMI merchandise.

ROOMI believes #TheFutureIsFungi. From food, medicine, material, and even bioremediation, mushrooms have the potential to do so much for our planet.

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