Young parents, especially first time parents, are hungry for information about parenting but often have little time to go online to look for it. Now parents can stay informed without sacrificing quality time with their babies.

Today, Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive Solutions Poland, in partnership with Poland’s leading parenting website, launches the ‘Baby Browser’, a cutting-edge Chrome extension that enables parents to read any text based content (excluding social media channels) whilst displaying images that simultaneously stimulate their babies’ brains.

The free Google Chrome extension widget utilises extensive research around how infants perceive colours and shapes in their first two years, and was created in partnership with a child psychologist. The end result is an interface which displays images onto the browsing page based on red, black and white graphic shapes scientifically proven as the most appealing to babies’ brains. The effects of this kind of stimulation can support the development of visual ability, 90% of which appears during the first six months of a baby’s life.

To use, parents simply need to install the free ‘Baby Browser’ widget, which then sits on their toolbar. When clicking on the extension it instantly imports any text content, regardless of language or country,  from the selected website while the special animation of the ‘Baby Browser’ is overlaid. This allows parents to search for important information without sacrificing valuable time during the early stages of parenthood. The pace of the animation is related to the length of the article being read and is controllable by the parent.  And of course it is intended to be used in moderation, providing precious minutes of helpful browsing in a busy day.

Piotr Osiněski & Patrycja Lukjanow, the creative team behind the project, said: “In the very cluttered baby care market, communicating through new channels has become crucial. have proven that they truly understand their readers – people for whom finding even five minutes to read useful information might be difficult – and their readers’ babies too.

Artur Wygryz, CEO of, added, “Used in moderation, the ‘baby Browser’ is a brilliant way of stimulating baby development and can really save the day if a parent needs to find important advice online.”

The Baby Browser – read any article from the web with your baby from Saatchi & Saatchi IS on Vimeo.