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Sarisuki partners with MoEngage to connect network of farmers with community members

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Community selling platform Sarisuki has joined hands with a leading APAC customer engagement platform, MoEngage, to revolutionize the Philippines’ agricultural supply chain. Its egrocery platform harnesses local communities’ potential to enhance the wellbeing of Filipino farmers and consumers, which aims to transform the Philippines’ agriculture by supporting farmers, nurturing entrepreneurs, and improving supply chain efficiency. The platform promotes food supply sustainability by ensuring fair compensation for farmers and affordability for consumers, bridging stakeholders through their Agri Super Highway for sustainability, equity, and transparency.

Sarisuki collaborates directly with Ka-Sangga farmers, offering fair prices and support to improve farming. They aim to engage one million Ka-Sangga farmers and have 20,000 Ka-Sari Community Leaders distributing farm-fresh produce to 800,000+ community members. The platform also advances sustainable farming through direct involvement with six farms and two more under eco-friendly practices. Their trust-based model fosters transparency and collaboration, benefiting supply chains, reducing inflation, and nurturing young entrepreneurs.

With customers encompassing Philippines metro areas and beyond, Sarisuki serves both urban and rural areas in the Philippines, offering doorstep delivery through the Agri Super Highway and a diverse range of products not readily available in local markets. The platform offers competitive pricing by removing multiple supply chain middlemen, minimizing extra costs for both farmers and consumers.


“With a significant growth in adoption of online grocery delivery in recent years, Sarisuki observed a surge in customers using the platform to access farm-fresh products from the comfort of their homes. We at MoEngage are dedicated to providing Sarisuki with deep and actionable insights on consumer behavior, preferences, likes, and dislikes, thus enabling the community selling platform to personalize experiences and engage customers better,” said Saurabh Madan, General Manager for Southeast Asia, ANZ, and Japan of MoEngage.

Sarisuki’s customer base has expanded with an increase in orders placed through Agri Super Highway, driven by improved digital infrastructure and expanded internet and mobile connectivity in the Philippines. With this, customers can easily browse and order a variety of products with just a few clicks, and have groceries delivered directly to their doorstep.

“The MoEngage partnership will help us enhance communication with our steadily growing customer base. With MoEngage’s advanced capabilities, we can personalize our interactions with customers, providing them with relevant and timely updates about new products, promotions, and special offers. This level of personalization will strengthen our relationship with customers and ensure that they stay informed about our platform’s latest offerings and improvements. MoEngage’s robust analytics will allow us to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping us tailor our services to meet their needs and improve overall experience. Furthermore, MoEngage’s multi-channel capabilities will enable us to engage with customers through various communication channels, including Email, Push Notifications, SMS, and In-app Communication efforts,” said Bam Mejia, Chief Commercial Offer and Co-Founder of Sarisuki.

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