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Sidaction and The Good Company launch LGBT+ Kamasutra book with 69 positions showcasing all sexualities

LONDON, UK — Sidaction and The Good Company publish the first inclusive Kamasutra, the Kamasutra+, to represent a diversity of sexual orientations and identities. 69 positions have been revisited and illustrated by French and international artists, all members or allies of the LGBT+ cause. This limited edition unique artistic work created to raise HIV/AIDS awareness, went on sale last October 20.

The Kamasutra+: an artistic work for HIV/AIDS awareness

The Kamasutra is arguably the most famous and widely-diffused book in the world, and yet it has rarely ventured beyond a heteronormative representation of sexuality. Its numerous versions have consistently put forth an idealized, stereotyped representation of bodies, identities, and sexualities. Sidaction – in collaboration with the agency The Good Company and Kiblind Editions – wanted to reinvent the original Kamasutra by including, for the first time, all identities and sexualities… all while reminding readers of the numerous ways to protect themselves against HIV.


“The Kamasutra+ is an artistic, poetic, and useful work that shows that true pleasure is enjoying one’s different identities, being at ease with oneself and therefore with others. This is the key to good sexual health and a powerful lever in the fight against HIV,” explained Sidaction Executive Director Florence Thune.

69 of the most famous Kamasutra positions are revisited through illustrations that demonstrate all of the various means of HIV protection, such as PReP or condoms. The content of the illustrations is organized around two themes: how to protect oneself and how to get HIV/AIDS support.

Illustrators and celebrities come together to support Sidaction

67 French and foreign illustrators took part in this project, among them Cécile Dormeau, Cosmo Illustrator, Reesa Bobeesa, Corentin Garrido, Felix Auvard, and Jon McCormack. Their contributions raise awareness for the fight against all forms of discrimination, and their illustrations are a hymn to the rich diversity of sexual orientations, gender identities, and bodies.


Readers will also be able to find literary contributions from writers Amandine Dhée, Patrick Autréaux, and Mathieu Bermann.

“With Sidaction, we are committed to celebrating all types of love. We believe that there are an infinite number of ways to love, as beautiful as they are sincere. It’s this joyful diversity that we wanted to illustrate with the help of 67 French and foreign artists,” concluded Philippe Pioli-Lesevre, the creative director for the project.

The book will be sold for 30,69€. All profits go to Sidaction and will be used to finance medical and scientific research programs, as well as to support organizations working on HIV/AIDS prevention and assistance.


BRAND: Sidaction
Brand Management: Alexandre Jalbert, Bérénice Pierson
Public Relations: Aurélie Defretin

AGENCY: The Good Company
Agency Management: Jeanne Neuschwander, Julien Quidor dit Pasquet, Luc Wise
Creative Direction: Fabien Gailleul, Hadi Hassan-Helou, Philippe Pioli-Lesesvre
Artistic Director: Eva Huguet
Copywriter: Joëlle Elhajj Strategic Planning : Lisa Gache
Account Manager: Lisa Buisson, Adel Heddadi
PR: Pauline Germain, Victoire Fouquet-Lapar

Art Director: Kiblind Agence
Publisher: Kiblind Éditions


Xaviera Altena
Kine Anderson
Felix Auvard
Léa Bancelin
Taylor Barron
Aude Bertrand
Alice Bienassis
Reesa Bobeesa
Marie Boiseau
Amina Bouajila
Carmela Caldart
Noémie Chust
Fabien Corre
Louise de Crozals
Cosmo Illustrator
Antoine Dausse
Jacques Denain
Lucie Dine
Léa Djeziri
Cécile Dormeau
Genie Espinosa
Morgane Fadanelli
Marylou Faure
Maïté Franchi
Kezia Gabriella
Corentin Garrido
Lili Gaule
Anna Wanda Gogusey
Clémence Gouy
Mona Granjon
Groduk & Boucar
Inma Hortas
Cachete Jack
Nùria Just
Rosa Kusabbi
Caroline Laguerre
Laho Jiayue Li
Gaëlle Loth
Lotta de Mille
Jules Magistry
Elise Malpel
Oikawa Mayuki
Georgie Mcausland
Jon McCormack
Ulises Mendicutty
Kian Mosharaf
Oh Mu
Louis Otis
Adrien P.
Blandine Pannequin
Noa Peron
Kelsi Phung
José Rojas
Erwan Roussel
Vivienne Shao
Adeline Schöne
Margot Strintz
Justine Thevenin
Anna Uru
Enikő Katalin Eged
Louise Viriot
Alice Wietzel
Melek Zertal

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