MANILA – Your customers have changed and you know this. Technology has largely driven the massive change in not just the way the customers behave but also the way companies do business. Customers today have more money to spend, less time which means less patience, more choices which means greater demands.

Companies like Uber, Google, and Airbnb (to name a few) have shown us a new way of living in terms of possibility. These organizations gave consumers the control of most of the decision-making. It all comes down to customer experience.

A Gartner says 89% of executives believe that customer experience will be their primary mode of competition by the end of 2016. An executive survey by Accenture supports these findings, where 81% of respondents said that user experience was in their top 5 organizational priorities.

This proves to be a challenge for many.

Connecting with customer today is very different than it was five or ten years ago. The challenge is becoming a successful business in this ever-changing, always-connected world. How do you update your processes and strategies to put the customer at the center of it all? And do it fast.

These and other questions are the focus in this year’s Smarter CX Summit.

Putting Customers at the Center

AFDigital has always been committed to helping businesses navigate the growing complexity of building smarter customer journeys for companies and their customers. In partnership with Salesforce, they are presenting the Smarter CX Summit, a conference that aims to confront and overcome the business challenges that companies face.

As part of that commitment, they have gathered industry leaders who have successfully transformed many of the world’s largest multinational companies in APAC:

  • Jess Whittaker, Regional Director at Salesforce Marketing Cloud Asia

  • Paul Cheing, Customer Experience Consultant/Principal Consultant for AFDigital

  • Shareef Kassaby, General Manager Channel Operations at Telstra International Group

When: 7am, April 27, Thursday

Where:The Ballroom, New World Makati Hotel

“Smarter customer experience for the smarter customer,” Customer-driven, technology enabled, because behind every product or service is a customer expecting intelligent and connected experiences.

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