PASAY – These days, there has been a renaissance of the Hallyu Wave on Philippine shores, as the number of Filipinos appreciating Korean culture grows. From cosmetics to music, tv shows to food, something keeps drawing Filipinos to their fresh and light take on things.

Perhaps no other drink best captures the essence of the Korean spirit better than HiteJinro’s new Jinro Light soju. Strong enough to give that refreshing “kick”, but mild enough for an extended drinking experience, it brings a fun twist to an ordinary Friday night with friends.

Coming from HiteJinro Co., makers of the world’s #1 top selling spirit brand, Jinro Light is made available exclusively in the Philippines as part of their effort to make a splash abroad and further expand into the vast Southeast Asian market.

For a taste of Korea’s colorful drinking culture, Jinro Light can be enjoyed in different ways. From drinking it like Koreans do — straight in shots, blended with beer like somaek (soju and beer) or poktanju (soju bomb) — or giving it a modern take with creative cocktail mixes. Its clean taste profile also makes it really good to enjoy with food, may it be Korean dishes called anju, or our very own pulutan choices for a more local touch.

The two cultures share a lot in common, from drinking practices, to the ability to be the light and the life of the party. Perhaps Filipinos are also attracted to Korean culture so much because it reminds them to of their ability to shine bright no matter how dark the night may get.

To officially introduce the brand to the public, and to facilitate Jinro Light brought the spirit of Seoul to the streets of Poblacion, Makati last Saturday, June 30, 9PM at Dulo MNL, with the Light It Up Jinro Light Launch Party, where Koreans and Filipinos alike enjoyed an electric night of music, art, and soju shots all night long.