With an infinite digital platform for advertising, brands have struggled to have a standard measure of their campaign impact. The engagement a campaign gains on the web does not easily translate to brand perception and sales performance. To provide a solution to this, Unilever introduced the first cross-media measurement model.

As a way of realizing a transparent digital ecosystem, Unilever is working closely with digital advertising and measurement partners including Twitter, Kantar Media, Nielsen, and Google Brand Solutions. It has also engaged with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) in providing solutions to issues in the industry. 

“We are hugely encouraged that our digital and measurement partners worked with us to enable these significant steps towards solving the challenge of holistic media measurement,” said Keith Weed, Unilever’s Chief Marketing Officer.

To add, what they are developing is a privacy-safe model, meaning the presence of independent third-party systems to protect consumer experience.

“With a privacy first approach, we are excited to partner with Unilever on their forward-looking measurement solution,” said Matt Derella, head of revenue and operations, Twitter.

This model comes in line with Unilever’s introduction of the Responsibility Framework in February 2018, which includes creating responsible content, brand safety, influencer transparency, and consumer data protection.

The developing model is geared towards functioning in multiple markets and measure audience reaction, sustained impact for short and long term. 

Furthermore, Unilever is also inviting other brands and platforms in developing the measurement system.

“We look forward to welcoming other leading advertisers and industry associations to the initiative to help address this industry challenge,” Weed added.