How can we inspire the next generation to care for our oceans? Without leveraging the message with impending doom, Volvo recently partnered with creative agency Grey London and produced a whimsically poignant children’s book, which aims to educate youngsters on the destructive effects of plastic pollution and how our wasteful ways endanger an entire ecosystem in the deep blue. 

Illustrated by award-winning artist, Jago Silver, the story follows a little boy named Jack who wakes up one day to find his beloved ocean tides gone. Jago shared that living in Cornwall, UK and being only a few minutes away from the ocean, he is able to see first hand the amount of plastic thrown away to the sea so this issue is very close to his heart. He also loosely based the main character Jack on his 8-year old son Rudy.

The book unfolds to an epic journey of a little kid travelling across the dry seabed to get to the bottom of the ocean and and the reason behind its disappearance. In his journey, Jack meets mermaids caught in plastic fishing nets, whales filled with plastic bags and numerous sea creatures devastated by man’s waste polluting their habitat. Proceeds from the book will support City Kids Surfing, a volunteer-run charity organization that teaches children in the UK how to surf and develop an inherent responsibility for our seascapes. The book is available on Amazon UK.

Volvo – The Day The Ocean Went Away from Grey London on Vimeo.



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