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Yell Bangkok and Rock Yu Creative partner up for Taipei expansion

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Yell Bangkok and ROCK YU Creative converge in a strategic alliance, propelling the expansion into Taipei and fortifying market influence across Asia through Yell’s Regional Alliance.

ROCK YU Creative, a premier creative agency based in Taipei, is led by its Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Richard Yu. Richard’s leadership is underscored by a proven track record of accolades from prestigious global stages, including Cannes Lions, D&AD, The One Show, CLIO, New York Festival, LIA, SpikesAsia, ADFEST, AD STARS, AWARD, AME, EFFIE, One Show Greater China, and LIA, showcasing a commitment to excellence on the world’s creative forefront. 

With a vision to extend market reach into Southeast Asia, ROCK YU has orchestrated a major deal with Yell Advertising.  As a prominent Thai advertising agency with a widespread network throughout Asia, Yell is well-positioned to seamlessly connect the brand of Taiwanese clients to the dynamic markets of Southeast Asia. This strategic partnership not only streamlines marketing efforts for Taiwanese brands but also opens doors to effectively amplify their global marketing and advertising endeavors. 


“I am excited about our strategic collaboration with Yell Advertising. As build a strategic partnership, I’m looking forward to the numerous possibilities in the future, coming together as creative allies to seek the ever-evolving landscape of creativity in Asia,” said Richard. “Adhering to the genuine attitude and belief of ‘The Humble Pursuit of Creative Excellence,’ Dissara and I find ourselves in alignment. Working with the right people creates a positive and transformative chemistry. The world is brimming with creative individuals, but our distinction lies in our commitment to actions, fulfilling our promises with effort and passion. Our partnership with Yell Advertising is more than collaboration; it’s about elevating our creative endeavors to a higher standard.”

He added: “Yell Advertising has accumulated years of expertise and technological skill in the innovation and strategy of digital creativity. Having a partner like this, who becomes a supporting force, empowers us to offer more innovative and effective creative possibilities and breakthroughs to our clients. We look forward to leveraging each other’s strengths and networks to consistently deliver profound insights and more efficient creative solutions for the Asian market to our clients.”

Dissara Udomdej, CEO and Creative Founder of Yell Advertising, commented: “Over the past year, Yell has strategically expanded its network within the Asian region, resulting in an increase in Regional Campaigns across various categories. When considering the cost management aspect for our clients, the collaborative culture among people in Asia allows us to enhance the value of our work. This includes regional strategy and concept development, production processes, and specialized online media purchases utilizing similar core platforms. While there may be localization efforts in each area, we can efficiently scale client operations at a regional level by leveraging production capabilities based in Thailand.”

“This collaboration involves partnering with advertising agencies in specific countries that are affiliated with us. Therefore, ROCK YU Creative stands out as an agency with great potential, featuring highly talented creative leaders and extensive brand management expertise. We envision a collaborative bridge from Taipei to the robust markets of Southeast Asia where we are well-positioned and strong,” he concluded.

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