Sustainability: Superson and sustainability expert John Grant unite to create new sustainability communications framework for businesses

SINGAPORE – Superson has teamed up with eminent sustainability consultant and author John Grant (The Green Marketing Manifesto 2007, Greener Marketing 2020) to launch a new sustainability marketing capability in Singapore. This capability comes at the back of studying the success factors of companies that have sustainability at the heart of their brand.

Defined as a systematic approach that brings sustainability and branding together, Superson expects its Compelling Unique Sustainability Proposition (“CUSP”) framework to work for companies with an innovation agenda or companies looking to integrate sustainability and responsibility into their brand story.

While companies here have tried to communicate their sustainability efforts more in recent years, it tends to be a standalone effort separate from their overall brand communications. Superson attributes this to the lack of a comprehensive framework to start thinking about sustainability as part of the brand.


“The key to successful sustainability positioning is having a strong sustainability programme, that’s a must. However, even when foundations are in place, positioning a company’s sustainability efforts as something that makes a difference in your consumers’ lives can be difficult,” said Antti Toivonen, Managing Partner of Superson Singapore

“After working together on a number of projects on sustainability communications, we decided to formalise the CUSP framework we have developed with John and provide this solution more widely to the region.”

Working with Superson to put this sustainability communications framework in place, clients can expect to discover a compelling proposition and a well-communicated brand story deeply rooted in their own sustainability programme.

Grant’s in-depth study of more than 400 case studies, strong track record as a leading author on the topic and close working relationships with MNCs and start-up clients made him the perfect partner to work with Superson’s base of clients on sustainability.

“After working with Superson for nearly a decade, developing the CUSP framework was a natural next step in our working relationship. I look forward to working more closely with clients in Southeast Asia who take sustainability seriously and want to take their communications to the next level,” said Grant.

To mark the launch, an e-book outlining their new sustainability framework titled “Compelling Unique Sustainability Proposition” (CUSP) is available for download here.

About Superson
Superson is a creative agency with a full-service specialist model. We bring together innovative companies and teams of future-focused independent talent, helping global brands to succeed in their marketing communications.

Superson is headquartered in Finland, with Asian HQ in Singapore servicing clients such as Unilever, Google, Wärtsilä, SingTel and SolarFoods.

Superson was founded in 2012 by former marketers in search of a more efficient way of doing business to serve the CMOs of the future.

About John Grant
John Grant is a leading sustainability and marketing expert, the author of The Green Marketing Manifesto (2007) and Greener Marketing (2020) and six other books. His first book, New Marketing Manifesto (1999), was selected as one of the Top 10 Business Books of 1999 by Books Online. Grant began his career as a communications strategist at JWT as well as BMP-DDB, where he won the IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix.

Clients include the British Broadcasting Corporation, Cisco, HSBC, IBM, IKEA, Microsoft, Natura Cosmetics, PepsiCo, Samsung, Unilever, and the United Kingdom and Swedish governments.

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