Sustainability: Toward a greener future — How various campaigns and initiatives are putting sustainability at the forefront

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — As more time passes, the more the world can see how evident the struggle against climate change and depleting resources is. However, that doesn’t mean no one is putting up a fight. People around the world are doing their part in saving the planet, and that includes brands. In fact, lately, we can see more and more brands making sustainability a priority as they meet the needs of their consumers.

So, adobo magazine rounded up recent campaigns that promote the fight against climate change and highlight strategies best for the environment. Here are some eco-friendly initiatives from brands and organizations who have made moves toward a greener tomorrow:

1. Shining a spotlight on pollution from disposable face masks with Alibaba Group, WWF, and F5 Shanghai 


With COVID19 came a new major pollutant that no one prepared for: face masks. In addition to the harrowing global pandemic itself, the millions of face masks polluting the earth have become a major eco problem. So, in partnership with WWF and F5 Shanghai, Alibaba Group launched a campaign shedding a spotlight on the issue, including an event titled “Fading Sea Creatures” that conveyed the severity of mask pollution consequences via performance art.

2. Samsung TV and BBH Singapore create a heartwarming global film to launch its new SolarCell Remote 

Through a global film developed by BBH Singapore featuring an adorable toy monkey, Samsung TV launches its new SolarCell Remote. When the battery-powered monkey sees its owner using the new solar-powered remote, the toy then daydreams of the things they could do if they were also solar-powered, representing the many possibilities of greener energy alternatives in everything we do.

3. EDF shows how people can help drive UK emissions to nothing while they sleep in a new campaign by Havas London

Vehicles around the UK light up amidst the darkness while everyone else is asleep in Havas London’s campaign for EDF. The film showcases how the company can help car owners reduce UK emissions to nothing while doing nothing with their overnight charging, backed by 100% zero-carbon renewable electricity, highlighting how your contribution to a greener future can come from the smallest steps with minimal effort.

4. Taking #OneGreenStep for the planet with Garnier Philippines, Lazada, and CORA  

Who says beauty can’t be sustainable? Garnier Philippines, in partnership with Lazada and CORA, takes their #OneGreenStep via the eco-friendly initiatives they have in place. Shoppers who order Garnier products from Lazada’s official store can now expect their orders to come in a Green Parcel, which is plastic-free packaging, and with every purchase of the Garnier All-Star Kit, a seedling will be donated and planted to protect the mangrove ecosystem in Baybay, Leyte.

5. Save Philippine Seas and Coca-Cola collaborate to bolster great circular economy initiatives 

It’s crucial for brands to recognize their responsibility in doing their part to solve waste pollution which is why Coca-Cola and Save Philippines Seas collaborated for a good cause: seeking out three great circular economy initiatives to grant funding and support to. They did this through Reimagine Recycling, an annual program that includes workshops on waste solutions, stakeholder management, and more.

6. Holcim Philippines deploys Circular Explorer to help with the rehabilitation of Manila Bay 

Holcim Philippines takes a step toward a cleaner planet starting with a project close to home — the Manila Bay. To help with rehabilitation efforts in Manila Bay, Holcim is deploying the Circular Explorer, a solar-powered catamaran that will help collect litter, study the pollution of the marine area, and raise awareness for caring for our waters. And this is just the start as the company also signed a partnership Marine Environment and Resource Foundation, Inc. (MERF) in order to advance research and against plastic pollution.

7. EcoMatcher becomes Procter & Gamble’s newest partner in its tree planting campaign

With technological advancement comes the opportunity and responsibility to use them as tools towards building a more sustainable world. As part of their “Forests for Good” campaign to plant more trees that protect the earth’s ecosystem, Procter & Gamble Philippines teams up with EcoMatcher. With EcoMatcher, P&G will be able to ensure sustainable growth and accountability in its tree-planting efforts.


8. Wala Usik finds the best zero-waste ideas and innovations through a circular economy hackathon

You never know what the next amazing project for sustainability could be, which is why hackathons like the Wala Usik challenge are an amazing way to find ingenious ideas that could help our planet. Last month, the Wala Usik Challenge: A Circular Economy Hackathon was held online where mentoring sessions and technical guidance on the circular economy were provided to the 18 selected teams who submitted their circular innovations.

These selections are just a few of the many ways and instances that brands and organizations everywhere are putting in the work to be more environmentally friendly. With brands advocating for sustainability and programs bolster new innovations to make the economy greener, it becomes evident that serving consumers doesn’t just end in selling a product or service. Rather, these various projects and initiatives show that it’s also about offering more sustainable solutions and making sure to do what they can to pull a green future closer to everyone’s reach.

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