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WWF Philippines and Costa del Hamilo further partnership to broaden waste management for sustainable tourism

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines (WWF-PH) and Costa del Hamilo Inc. (CDHI), now in their 14th year of partnership, are introducing reforms in overall waste management and sustainable food practices through the “Hamilo Coast Sustainable Development” project.

Since 2007, WWF-PH and CDHI have focused on coastal resource management, ridge-to-reef management, and renewable energy sources, promoting sustainable tourism and ecological preservation in their site in Batangas.

WWF-Philippines and Costa del Hamilo, Inc. representatives gather for a photo after the Capacity Development Workshop on Food Shed Farming

The new phase in the Hamilo Coast Sustainable Development program aims to build on the success of its previous initiatives, all geared towards the overall sustainability of the resort beach town.


Baseline Assessment and Gap Issues analysis were conducted during the project’s early development stage, which sought to evaluate, assess, and optimize issues in CDHI’s current systems for solid waste, water, and wastewater generation.

The study was highly consultative, engaging key stakeholders from December 2022 through April 2023. It also produced changes in waste diversion and reduction efforts, such as providing glass water bottles, wooden toothbrushes, body washes, and shampoos in containers, strategic composting methods, and backyard gardening.

Moreover, CDHI conducted a “Waste Analysis and Characterization Study” (WACS) during its peak season last April 04 to 06 to further understand waste generation activities throughout the area and inform possible action plans for reduction.

The information gathered from these assessments became the basis for developing an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for CDHI, which contains best practices and strategies suited to their specific needs to help them better implement efforts for sustainable tourism.

Conduct of Capacity Development Workshop on Food Shed Farming for the CDHI and PSH Personnel. The activity was facilitated by Zeth Antaran from WWF-PH and consultant Reynic Alo from MUAD-Negros. Accompanied by AVP for Estate Management and Operations, Estate Manager Maribeth Cabatu, Hygiene Managers Clarissa Sioson and Cheng Dela Cruz (Feb 8-9, 2023)

Aside from reforming their waste management systems, WWF-PH and CDHI established a food shed as a flagship initiative under the Sustainable Food Systems arm to provide sustainably sourced produce for restaurant-goers and employees. The cost-efficient, compact farming system was completed in July 2023 after three months of construction.

Technical workshops and capacity-building workshops were also conducted to equip key CDHI personnel with the necessary skills to implement the EMP and manage the food shed. Frank Bolalin, Assistant Vice President-Head of CDHI Site Operations, makes it a point to adhere to such programs on site and further confirms that, “Our partnership with WWF-PH is a long-running commitment to environmental advocacy. Programs on solid waste management and food shed gardening are among the vital efforts that CDHI enforces towards a more responsible and sustainable community within the unique context of Hamilo Coast.”

Through this partnership, WWF Philippines and CDHI continue to see outstanding milestones in sustainable tourism in a critical bid to #ChangeTheEnding, working towards preserving the future and committing to responsible practices that champion ecologically conscious change.

“Efforts invested into this partnership have always yielded such innovative results. We’re thrilled to be working with CDHI in making all these significant steps towards sustainable tourism,” said WWF-Philippines Project Manager Zeth Antaran.

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