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7 reasons why every digital artist should own a graphics tablet – productivity, flexibility, and more

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Whether you are a digital art student or a professional digital artist, a graphics tablet or drawing tablet is an important device you must have. Graphics tablets have been around for quite a while now but aren’t as popular as its competitors because the main focus of most people is on an iPad – arguably the most popular tablet right now. But for those artists who don’t have the resources or a big budget, a drawing tablet is the best option to suit their needs and to get various things done. 

For a digital artist, whether a full-time freelancer, a part-time worker, or working in an office, the reasons stated below emphasize why owning a graphics tablet is essential: 


Durable And Long-Standing

As a digital artist, if you are a bit clumsy and cannot handle things well, a graphics tablet will have you covered as most drawing tablets are made durable and long-standing to withstand falls and pressure. They are made from plastic and usually have tough, durable shells along with hardened glass for protection against falls and scratches. Your drawing tablet can easily last several years if you take good care of it and best of all, a well-maintained drawing tablet can help you for many years throughout your career.

Great For Technical Work

Drawing and graphics tablets are great for technical work. Whether you are a digital artist, an art student, or an architect, you will need a drawing tablet to produce 3D models for your work. A graphics tablet can help you to create and draw structural drawings, blueprints, or any other technical sketch that you need. There are even some drawing tablets available that can mimic the feel of paper so that artists who aren’t comfortable working with digital screens can feel more comfortable. For all the technical work you need, a drawing tablet is the best option in terms of comfort, efficiency, and productivity. 

Bigger Screen Sizes

Compared to regular tablets, graphics tablets are manufactured keeping the requirements of digital artists in mind, which means that you get a bigger screen at an affordable price. Most drawing tablets have bigger screen sizes compared to normal tablets, and can work easily without plugging into a computer or laptop. The average screen size of a drawing tablet is 10-13 inches but if you really need a bigger screen, you can get one with a screen size of up to 24 inches so that you get the freedom to work on a bigger and more interactive digital canvas.

Compatible With Computers

Drawing tablets have the most convenient feature of connecting to computers. You can connect a drawing tablet to any computer, without having to plug any cables. You can either use the Bluetooth feature or wireless receivers to easily connect a drawing tablet to a Windows or Mac PC and use a wide variety of PC programs including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, etc.

Apart from this, a graphics tablet can also be used to manage the settings of the wireless router through or change the name and password of the wireless network via, just like you would on a PC.


Whether you just entered the field of digital art or you are a student who is learning and doesn’t have the budget, a graphics tablet is a budget-friendly device that you can afford. You don’t have to spend a thousand dollars to buy an expensive tablet and start your career in digital art, you can easily buy a good drawing tablet for less than $100 without breaking the bank. 

You Get A Premium Stylus

Another reason for digital artists to buy a graphics tablet is that you get a stylus for free, which you can use to draw different things. You can get a premium stylus that you can use for drawing and sketching that is also designed to be comfortable to avoid wrist pain. A stylus is a very useful tool that can help digital artists get better at graphics, and these also provide a near-natural experience so that the digital experience is similar to drawing on paper.

Reliable Battery

Digital artists can spend hours working on a single project just to find the right color fidelity and the right design that matches the theme. They need a device that they can use for a long period without worrying about battery life or losing their work. The battery lives of graphics tablets are quite reliable and a fully charged drawing tablet can easily last a day, if not more.

As the above discussion shows, a graphics tablet is always worth having. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, amateur, or professional, you will feel the difference yourself when you finally draw with a graphics tablet for the first time. 

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