Brand & Business: ADK Connect launches Integrated Performance Platform; inks multi-year partnership with Bench Connect to power programmatic campaigns for advertisers

SINGAPORE — Leading digital agency, ADK Connect, today unveils the launch of the agency’s new programmatic-focused Integrated Performance Platform (IPP) powered by Bench Connect, a data-driven marketing intelligence technology for brands and agencies.

The IPP is jointly designed to centralise the connection of all ad accounts for Ad Platforms and demand side platforms (DSPs) in one place. This enables advertisers to scale their campaigns across multiple platforms efficiently, while gaining complete control and transparency of all digital media channels and regional teams at the same time.


“The ADK Connect office in Singapore is fast becoming the programmatic hub for the region and IPP is centralising all offices to extend on the ‘Locally Global’ ethos of ADK,” said Kelvin Koo, Managing Director, ADK Connect Singapore. “The APAC market is ready for simplicity and transparent media practices. We require a holistic marketing intelligence platform that sits at the heart of our agency operation and that allows everyone including advertisers to see all their digital media in one place and make rapid decisions accordingly.”

Bench CEO, Ori Gold

“We are excited to power ADK’s Integrated Performance Platform. This partnership represents a new breed of digital media management software purpose-built to rapidly connect ad platforms. ADK has made a clear step ahead to automate all ad platforms and DSPs in one place,” said Bench CEO, Ori Gold. “We view this as an incredibly important partnership for ADK and the broader region, as it means advertisers can receive a truly integrated and transparent view of their media, creative and data, on one screen. We are excited to support the evolution of ADK’s digital media capabilities.”

Bench Connect, a data-driven marketing intelligence technology for brands and agencies, utilises automation to process and map data from various ad platforms, visualise it and enable action. The platform-as-a-service model integrates with over 35 global media, data and technology platforms. Unlike Salesforce and Adobe Marketing Clouds, Bench Connect removes slow set up times and high implementation costs. The focus on integration and operational speed sees the software positioned to provide advanced analytics and workflow to the mid-market and enterprise advertisers.

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