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Next Attraction: ABS-CBN digital strategist Leandro Gabriel C. Reloj predicts the content trend for 2017

To stay ahead of the fold, preparation is key. Let’s take a closer look at what trends are about to take-off this 2017.

  1. Rise of Content Machines: According to Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, “2017 is the year where we will truly see product brands begin to acquire media companies.” Hence, there is a shift to purchasing more content, if not, fabricating more content to stay afloat in this current digital landscape. Case in point, Manifesto produced by Unilever offers “All Things For the Filipino Man from A-Z” is a telling of many products of their male product’s stories strategically laden to engage the Filipino male while building on loyal customer base. Expect content to rise, more so, plunge it into a colorful new era of brand produced, curated and even co-created content.
  2. Live Video Events: With the rise of Third Party Video Platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories. More events would continuously be available live for consumption. These touch points prove to be very accessible, more so convenient. For example, One Music PH, the website that promises the “total music experience” to aspiring artists and fans alike, continuously have bi-monthly concerts and cover all-local music and related events. These activations are windowed throughout their platforms as a digital concert with an intimate multi-cam feature exclusive to subscribers or a Facebook Live video covering the event that’s open to everyone.
  3. Virtual Reality: In an attempt to stand out in a world of unjustifiable information density, new content formats begin to arrive. Indeed, everything is more over-the-top and beyond theatrical as VR, enters the stage. Heightening experiences to near reality is definitely elevating the content creation game this 2017. Locally, Fox recently released the newest season of The Walking Dead. Employing VR as medium, the media company in partnership with Grab Car produced #TheRidingDead VR Experience to fully experience the Zombie Outbreak. Nu Works has done it as well, with their Dark Walls VR App.
  4. Hyper Personalization: In essence, hyper-personalization is interacting one-to-one with specific individuals, not segments. The use of big data to provide more personalized and targeted products, services and content experiences to targeted individuals would up the ante. Currently, Lazada and Zalora have several customized content strategically following possible customers, this makes it difficult to refuse a good buy, more so, a good deal; expect more of it next year.
  5. User Generated Content: While UGC has been heavily used in the past, it won’t die. Considering it would not only benefit a better understanding of the target audience; but, given the continuing collaborative state of digital, co-creation and collaboration would open a two-way conversation to building a better relationship with the consumer.

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