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Emirates’ exclusive tips for Filipinos embracing solo travel in 2024

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — For Filipinos who are planning to go on a solo vacation this year, Emirates has curated special tips and tricks to help customers embrace the sheer thrill, freedom, and adventure of traveling alone.

Solo travel has been steadily gaining ground post-pandemic. In a 2023 survey conducted by Solo Travel
in the United States, 68% of participants identified themselves as independent travelers. Even among Filipinos, solo travel continues to grow. A post-pandemic report published by travel accommodation platform Airbnb in August 2023 revealed that solo travel in 2022 grew by 185% year-on-year compared to 2021. The report also revealed that private room bookings in 2022 grew by 200%.

Solo travel offers a unique opportunity to explore the world on your own terms, without having to
accommodate the whims and wants of travel companions. Whether you’re a seasoned solo traveler or
planning your first independent trip, Emirates’ multicultural cabin crew will transform how you perceive travel.


On booking hotels

Alessandra Piper from the UK, who has been flying with Emirates for over nine years, shared her hacks: “I
make it a point to go on at least two solo trips a year. Always book hotels with a flexible booking policy,
as you may decide to stay longer in some places at the spur of the moment. The flexible policy will ensure
you do not get stuck with cancellation fees.”

On gastronomy

Eabha Sloyan from Ireland channeled her inner foodie: “Food markets are absolutely fabulous. I visited the famous Tsukiji Market in Tokyo on my most recent trip. Spending the evening in the market and
bingeing on lots of sushi was a culinary adventure I could only dream of. The energy, fresh food, and
exquisite flavors made it an unforgettable experience. It’s a place I could go back to again and again.”

On safety and local culture

Shamiso Guvava from the UK, who has been with Emirates for over a year, commented, “My cabin crew training changed my outlook on a solo trip. It taught me vigilance and attentiveness. Safety is of utmost
importance. My training also equipped me with the confidence to communicate with people from diverse
backgrounds and take guidance from locals and fellow travelers.”

On exploring

Irfan Huseinovic, a Bosnian who has been in the Emirates for over a year, said, “My trick is to walk everywhere as it makes it easier to navigate and explore the city at your own pace. My longest solo vacation was in Malta, where I spent 25 days on the beautiful island. It was an incredible trip filled with self-discovery, adventure, and unbelievable experiences. From exploring ancient ruins to soaking up the sun on breath-taking beaches, every moment was magical.”

Micaela Olivieri, an Argentinian cabin crew member with Emirates for over two years, listed her top three
must-dos: “First things first, always take care of yourself and your personal belongings. When walking in a crowded area, ensure your bag is in front of you rather than behind. Secondly, be situationally aware of the culture and respect it. Lastly, always trust your intuition and use your past experiences for guidance.”

Alessandra added, “The best thing I’ve learned so far: don’t be glued to your phone! Keep it in a secure
place so you aren’t tempted to keep checking it. Look around, take in the sights, and enjoy the view.”

Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, has over 21,500 multicultural cabin crew members and flies to over 140 destinations with a fleet of more than 260 aircraft. The airline trains its crew in safety, security, medical emergencies, hospitality, and service to delight customers from over 200 nationalities.

Emirates offers its cabin crew a range of benefits, including competitive salary and medical benefits,
accommodation, annual leave, annual leave tickets, and deeply discounted flight tickets for themselves —
to solo travel to their hearts’ content — and for their family and friends so that they can travel together

For those who want to combine solo travel with flying as a career, Emirates is actively recruiting cabin crew worldwide. Its recruitment team is hosting open days and assessments in more than 460 cities across six continents. Aspiring Emirates cabin crew can visit here regularly for more details and open day schedules in their city or country.

Emirates operates 25 weekly flights from Manila, Cebu, and Clark to Dubai, connecting Filipino travelers
to over 140 destinations in 76 countries and territories across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the
Middle East, and the Pacific from its global hub in Dubai.

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