Anti-film piracy ad went viral when netizens asked “san galing ang kamatis?!”

MANILA – We’ve all seen it. That anti-piracy ad that played before you watched Train to Busan, Suicide Squad, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and, yes, even La La Land that’s been a staple in any movie-going experience at any cinema. With the infamous “Pare, pulis ako,” line that seemed to have been said as nonchalantly as it could have been, it’s quite surprising that it has only made a roar in social media quite recently.

I know we’re all asking the same questions. How did it start? Hasn’t this ad been going on for years? Why is it just making noise now?

When a netizen took a closer look at the said ad, a question boggled his mind that made him study it frame by frame. Besides the notorious line that you’ve always heard as you made your way to your seat with a tub of popcorn in hand, the scene that caught his attention was when the crook was running in the streets and he accidentally bumped into a woman who was apparently carrying a bag of groceries that seemed to have dropped her cargo because of the impact of the hit. Nothing out of the ordinary, yeah? But take a closer look at the scene again and you will ask the question that everyone is asking now: where did all those tomatoes come from?


San galing yung kamatis? gif

In this day and age, once someone posts about something, it can become viral at the snap of a finger. And viral it became. The ad boomed even more when the known Facebook page Janjan Comics posted a meme that mocked the tomatoes, the internet has not been quiet about it since.

Janjan Comics ‘Kamatis’ meme

Janjan Comics even came out with a version of the meme that was timed with the recently held Miss Universe ceremony.

Janjan Comics ‘Advocacy’ meme

Ever since the ad made noise, people have now focused more on the catchphrase “Pare, pulis ako.” Here is a collection of the memes that were put together by Y&R Philippines.

You can check out the full #PulisAko series at Y&R Facebook’s page.

Netizen Jake Masigan even took it as far as making a cover of the sound byte that was playing in the background of the ad.

Another Facebook page even made a version that combined the two elements that made the ad famous.

‘Pare, kamatis ako’ meme

Yey another netizen named P’Phao made the most recent version of the meme that surfaced and used the #KwentongJollibeeValentineSeries as inspiration.

Jollibee “Pare, pulis ako” tweet

Tell us your favorite tomato or “Pare, pulis ako” meme on our Twitter or Instagram accounts @adobomagazine and remember that piracy is a crime and Derek Ramsay is watching you.

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