Earth Hour 2010 creates a smaller carbon footprint in advertising

Earth Hour is on its third year, and as it gets bigger and bigger, we noticed that more of its existing ads and videos are being repurposed–recycled, if you will. There is nothing wrong with that. It is, after all, about leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Instead of relying on traditional adverts,  activists in the Cairns region hosted a user-generated short-film competition. In Manila, where over 15 million Filipinos switched off their lights last year, WWF and Leo Burnett Manila went minimalist in their TV/film viral.

Nevertheless, the originator of Earth Hour, Sydney, went all out for a new TV spot, entitled "Candle".


In the end, it’s all about encouraging more people to take part in Earth Hour. So here are some of the spots we found online:



 From the Philippines:


From Australia:


 From Canada:


 From the UK:



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