RAPP China enhances strategic planning with CRM Strategist

ASIA-PACIFIC – RAPP China has appointed Vivien Huang to the newly created position of CRM Strategist, within the Data Analyst Team. This new role will work closely with over 40 RAPP Data Analysts and CRM Strategists throughout the region, in addition to providing support and input to DDB China Group’s Planning Team.

Vivien’s considerable national and international experience in data analysis, data driven marketing and strategic planning will contribute to RAPP’s ability to deliver meaningful insight into customer behavior. In her capacity as CRM Strategist, she will support the Data Analyst Team in distilling data driven facts and figures into key learnings for clients.

“Acquiring quality talent such as Vivien is part of our goal to develop elite troops for elite missions,” commented RAPP China Managing Director, Ross Gearing, to whom Vivien will report directly. “In addition to our stable of CRM specialists, we’re further developing our event management and strategic planning resources.”


Appointed directly by RAPP China, Vivien will have the additional responsibility of supporting all companies under the DDB China Group. “As we’re seeing with our own clients, companies are becoming more focused on understanding their customers and the data they provide, which is becoming an important aspect of marketing communications in general,” said Gearing.

“As a shared resource, Vivien will work with RAPP China, DDB and Tribal DDB,” said President and CEO of DDB China Group, Dick van Motman. “A CRM Strategist role, which involves the strategic analysis of data and CRM, is becoming increasingly more important within traditional planning teams.”

Vivien will initially develop existing CRM strategies for clients such as Johnnie Walker, Friso and Philips. Her extensive automotive industry experience will also be put to good use on DDB China Group client, Volkswagen.

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