Summit Media launches new logo from Plus63 Design Co.

MANILA – To signify the growing importance of digital content within its overall media portfolio, Summit Media unveiled its logo yesterday, February 27th.

Summit’s 15 websites reach an average of 22 million unique viewers monthly, sixteen million of which come from the Philippines (27% of the country’s total internet population).

“Our old logo no longer represents the company’s multi-platform, digitally-focused strategy,” says Summit Media president Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng. “Print is our main platform, but we also publish in digital and billboards.”


“No matter the medium,” Gokongwei-Cheng notes, “Summit Media will continue engaging audiences with its content.”

Plus63 Design Co., a local design studio that has done commercial work for CITEM, Monde-Nissin, and Procter & Gamble, besides work for international publications like Wired, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal, designed Summit Media’s new logo. Its co-founder Dan Matutina’s work has been featured in The Washington Post’s 2016 List of Best Illustrations.

Symbolically, the triangle signifies creativity, harmony, balance, progression, and action, and the upward point conveys ambition and ascension.

On the other hand, the triangle also symbolizes Delta (the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet), meaning change. While dynamism is implied, the shape remains rooted stably to the ground. Its equilateral sides represent the harmony of three among the company’s three pillars – People, Audience, and Advertisers.

The color red most commonly suggests passion – intense, attention-grabbing, energetic, and evocative. The triangle logo’s color gradation, seen as four unequal sub-triangles, demonstrates the range of platforms in the ever-changing media landscape.

Summit Media publishes about Philippine lifestyle and media through the web, magazines, books, and billboards.

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