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Edelman’s Wendy Chan shares key insights as Adfest 2024 Jury President

PATTAYA, THAILAND — Wendy Chan, Health Creative Lead for Asia Pacific at Edelman and Jury President of Entertainment Lotus, Media Lotus, and PR Lotus at ADFEST 2024, embodies a lifelong passion for advertising. With over two decades of experience spanning traditional, social, client, pharma, and PR domains, Wendy’s journey in the industry has been marked by a commitment to creative excellence and business innovation.

In an exclusive interview with adobo Magazine, Wendy shed light on her approach to judging and highlighted key insights gleaned from her experience at ADFEST 2024. When asked about her personal criteria for judging, Wendy touched on the importance of evaluating the novelty and relevance of ideas, as well as their effectiveness in addressing brand objectives. She underscored the significance of creativity, marketing, and practicality in assessing the quality of work, emphasizing the need to consider the challenges inherent in its execution.

Reflecting on trends observed during the jury deliberations, Wendy noted a shift towards practicality and problem-solving in contemporary advertising. Gone are the days of lofty visions; instead, brands are focusing on addressing real-world challenges in a light-hearted yet impactful manner, particularly in the Entertainment and PR categories.


Looking ahead, Wendy expressed hope for continued diversification and cultural relevance in brand communications. She also brought up something often overlooked — the value of thorough case study crafting to avoid potential flaws that may detract from the work’s merit.

In conclusion, Wendy’s contributions to the advertising industry as a creative visionary and a mentor represent the spirit of innovation and excellence that ADFEST stands for. Stay tuned for more updates here.

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