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This week’s top campaign picks take audiences to the distant past, a whole new universe, and inside a pot of kare-kare

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Advertising is all about boldly going where your creativity takes you, and this week was no different. Journeys both literal and emotional set the theme this time around, along with a sprinkling of humor to ring in the season of cheer. 

To kick off the holiday season, adobo Magazine tours you through some of the most interesting campaigns from this past week:

Cheil Worldwide blasts tourists to the past

In South Korea, AR technology is being used to enable time travel. Cheil Worldwide has been working in collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Administration of KoreaSeoul Metropolitan Government, and to recreate historical scenes in places that have since been transformed by time. Using the Heritage Metaverse Coexistence app, tourists can scan markers placed throughout key locations in Seoul and witness reconstructions of both landmarks and centuries-old events through the lens of their mobile devices.


Most recently, Cheil Worldwide launched the third experience in this project: a reenactment of the Joseon Dynasty’s royal court ceremony 136 years ago at the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Visitors can witness the royal family and officials gather to celebrate Grand Queen Dowager’s 80th birthday, reconstructed with historical accuracy through the help of research from the Joseon Dynasty’s Daily Records of Royal Secretariat and UNESCO’s Memory of the World program.

Guinness goes out of this world

How do you make one of the world’s most famous beers feel new and exciting again? By showing a whole universe within it. FRED & FARID Shanghai utilized the contrast between Guinness‘ dark body and its creamy white head to conjure cosmic imagery of nebulae and black holes. A single pour of the brew was shot in stunning slow motion, allowing the bubbles to undulate within the liquid and create scenes resembling astronomical phenomena. The message was clear: there is an entire universe of complexity inside a glass of Guinness.

Netflix’s 4D game is cooking

To celebrate the launch of Replacing Chef Chico, Netflix‘s first-ever original Filipino series, GIGIL decided to immerse audiences inside a giant pot of kare-kare. The 4D activation featured a 24-foot tall dome fitted with LED screens playing the bubbling contents of the traditional stew. Up top, a scene with the show’s stars – Sam Milby, Alessandra De Rossi, and Piolo Pascual – played out, occasionally acknowledging the visitors intruding their dish. To complete the experience (and whet the appetite), the scent of kare-kare was wafted into the pot as visitors laid tenderizing on the vibrating floor.

Midea gets Seussical for Christmas

For its holiday campaign, Midea America reached out to the Grinches among its audience. The consumer appliances company shared the story of the Grump, a mustachioed curmudgeon determined to find something wrong with holiday celebrations, told with the familiar cadence of Dr. Seuss’ classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Through an effective combination of whimsy and warmth, the brand sold the story of how their products could help even the biggest grump’s heart grow a few sizes bigger.

Skyline symphonies announce Mandarin Oriental Singapore’s return

Mandarin Oriental Singapore continued to celebrated its reopening after a six-month long renovation with a symphony inspired by the city’s iconic skyline. Titled “The Exceptional Bay Symphony,” the piece was composed by award-winning pianist Jonathan Shin, and performed by the Orchestra of Music Makers. The hotel offers one of the most exceptional views of the skyline from its penthouse atop Marina Bay, and now has the music to go with it. The theme deftly captures the spirit of a day in the city, welcoming the majestic sunrise and greeting the sunset with a sense of adventure.

Here’s a look back at adobo Magazine’s weekly campaign picks.

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