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This week’s top campaign news include dissolving bottles in Europe, fly-repelling canteens, and early Christmas greetings

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Welcome to the fast-paced world of advertising, where creativity knows no bounds. This week, adobo Magazine presents five campaigns that have broken through the noise.

Whether it’s a groundbreaking concept, a heartwarming narrative, or a humorous twist, adoboPicks showcases the best and brightest from the world of creative communications, serving as your window into the innovative and compelling work that continues to redefine the art of persuasion in advertising.

Here are our top picks of the week:

Dissolving Bottle goes global

BBDO Guerrero‘s “The Dissolving Bottle,” originally designed to combat plastic pollution and promote sustainability in the Philippines, has debuted in Europe through its exclusive distributor, LUORO GmbH, under the plain b brand.


Elders get up and moving in Shanghai

Wanting to aid the elderly in embracing the digital world, Ogilvy Shanghai‘s 2021 “Care Codes” led to a new campaign in collaboration with the Shanghai Municipal Government called “Morning Shanghai.” The initiative focuses on modernizing eldercare by encouraging social connections among seniors.

Yellow canteens promote healthy meal times in schools

Dulux Indonesia‘s “Project Yellow Canteen” aimed to enhance the dining environment for students in school canteens by addressing the prevalent issue of disease-carrying flies in Indonesia’s hot climate. Collaborating with INNOCEAN Indonesia, the team discovered through research that flies have an aversion to the color yellow. This insight led to an on-ground experiment where yellow-painted surfaces effectively repelled flies in school cafeterias.

An iconic Thai film gets a parody ending

Inspired by the iconic running scene from the Thai movie Fan Chan, GREYnJ UNITED Bangkok launched a parody film titled THE RERUN: A Second Chance to Say Goodbye. It reimagines the scene with a twist: What if the protagonist, Jim, had high-performance sandals like VING?

Singing oven gloves usher in the Christmas spirit

Morrisons has unveiled its Christmas advert in collaboration with Leo Burnett, showcasing support for festive hosts through animated oven gloves that come to life and sing in encouragement of those preparing holiday feasts.

Here’s a look back at adobo Magazine’s weekly campaign picks. 

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