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Jollibee sets up a Christmas surprise, artists embrace authenticity, and mannequins break free in this week’s ads

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The creative industry is brimming with tons of amazing ideas, so it’s no surprise that there’s never a shortage of great campaigns to admire and celebrate.

From gripping stories and new perspectives that embody what a brand stands for to new fun ways people can engage with a brand, here are campaigns that caught adobo Magazine’s eye this week:

Bringing the joy that every Christmas needs

As the ber months start to get hectic, it can be hard for people to find the festive spirit in everyday moments. So, to show that getting into the holiday cheer is simpler than it seems, Jollibee set up what looks to be your typical Christmas-themed photobooth. When the unsuspecting groups pushed the button to print their photos, the slot opened up to reveal a meal for them and their loved ones instead. In an instant, they were treated to a small but joyous moment of Christmas cheer with their friends and families. 


Break free from the pressures of perfection

In Nike Japan and Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo’s recent film, Aika, the protagonist, is feeling frozen and overwhelmed by all the pressures that she is feeling: the pressure to get high grades, find a good job, and keep up with all the peers she sees on social media. However, when she gets pulled into a time-defying and vibrant journey featuring generations of great women from the past who have embodied their excellence and potential by embracing imperfection, Aika learns that she too is capable of doing the same. 

Finding authenticity in Milan

Italian rapper Marracash takes viewers through various locales in Milan that have shaped and continue to shape who he is as an artist in this Adidas film by C41. This reflective tour of the neighborhood that made him into the person and artist that he is today isn’t just a peek into his inner world, rather, the film’s intimate shots also capture how vital owning your history and being authentic is in one’s creative journey and passions.  

Levi’s’ stylish urban takeover

Recently, Levi’s released a film that encapsulates how the iconic brand is the perfect fit for living in the moment and going on any unexpected adventure. To further elevate this campaign, Levi’s launched an on-ground experiential activation where mannequins popped up in urban hotspots all over Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The mannequins are shown catching the sunset, going for a stroll, and more, showing that, with Levi’s, you can pursue where your instincts take you — even if that means leaving the storefront displays they were once bound to. 

The creative spirit of culture and community

C41’s film for Spotify featuring Rhove marinates in the beauty of the little things, from the joy of a pick-up game of basketball to the nostalgia of blurry home videos. Through these shots and the sincere voiceovers of the emerging artist as he’s being interviewed, the mini-documentary goes beyond just recounting his rise to success. It also paints a picture of how the paths to achieving creative spirit and meaningful storytelling in music can be found in our communities and our ties to it. 

Here’s a look back at adobo Magazine’s weekly campaign picks.

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