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Italian rapper Marracash embodies authenticity through the vibrance of Milan in Adidas film by C41

MILAN, ITALY — The latest collaboration between Milan-based creative production company C41 and adidas Originals features the king of rap himself, Marracash. Directed by award-winning director Federico Demattè, this campaign offers an authentic and captivating portrayal of the artist and his deep connection to the city of Milan.

The FW23 adidas Originals (DC) local campaign takes viewers on a journey through the life and artistic vision of Marracash. It explores what sets him apart as a true pioneer in the world of music and fashion.

Employing a reportage-style approach, Marracash guides viewers through the locales that have shaped his past and present, driving his creative inspiration. The campaign’s central theme revolves around embracing authenticity and fully immersing oneself in the vibrant culture of Milan. The journey begins at the reflective moment that follows a live concert, gradually moving through his neighborhood and the places that birthed his passion, culminating at the very origin of his authenticity. As viewers traverse these locations, they hear Marracash’s voice-over, sharing insights on creativity, passion, daily routines, challenges, and concerns, offering viewers a unique perspective into the artist’s world.


The collaboration between Marracash, Federico Demattè, C41, and adidas showcases the powerful fusion of music, fashion, and film, creating an authentic and immersive experience for viewers. 


Client: Adidas (@adidasita)

Starring: Marracash (@kingmarracash)

Creative Director C41: LEONE (@leonedirector)

Art Director: Inga Lavarini (@ingalavarini)

Copy: Nicole Salotti (@nicolesalotti)

Director: Federico Demattè (@federicodematte)

DOP: Karim Andreotti (@karimmmmx)

Photographer: Enrico Rassu (@enrico.rassu)

Stylist: Yaya Zeng (@yayazeng_)

Mua: Gaia Dellaquila (@dellaquilagaia)

Executive Producer: Barbara Guieu (@barbara_guieu)

Producer: Beatrice Lebrun (@beatricelebrun_)

Production Manager: Maria Borgognoni (@maria.borgognoni)

Coordinator: Alessandro Copetta (@alessandro.copetta)

PA: Riccardo Pagano (@a_richard_p)

Assistant Stylist: Wang Jingyi (@wopeiii)

1AD: Filippo Raineri (@raineri_filippo)   

Photo assistant: Federico Lombardi (@federico.lomba)

Digital operator: Filippo Telaro (@filippotelaro)

Steadycam: Andrea Annisetta (@annisettanta)

1ST AC: Loic Bovolenta (@loibovo)

2ND AC: Andrea Ippolito 

Gaffer: Guglielmo Rivera (@guglielmo.rivera)

Elettrician: Jacopo Pozzi (@jacopopozzi)

Editing: Margherita Freyrie (@margheritafreyrie)

Color: Cecilia Barbuti (@ciccibuum)

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