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Adobo Talks: How to tell the stories only you can tell through mobile film

#adoboTalks: Calling all aspiring #filmmakers! Get inspired, grab your phone, and create something that’s truly you. Before you press record, join us for an #adoboTalks special series on mobile movie-making presented by OPPO.

We invited filmmaker Quark Henares to talk about his style and present us with the best practices on #mobilefilmmaking; planning, shooting, and editing.

This series also features clips from his recent work entirely shot on the #OPPOFindX5Pro entitled “How to Find Freedom” starring Maxene Magalona and Kaila Estrada.


Today, in part 1, we’ll break down the #creativeprocess into basic ideas to guide us in a “how-to”, mobile filmmaking discussion – covering the foundational practices of #mobilevideography; writing, directing, and editing your story.

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