adobo Talks POV

adobo Talks POV x The Shoot Must Go On: The State of TV Commercial Production

  • AF Benaza, President & Executive Director of Artillerie Media
  • Brandie Tan, Executive Creative Director of Wunderman Thompson Philippines
  • Madonna Tarrayo, CEO & President of UXS inc. (Unitel Straight Shooters Media Inc),
  • Sarah Tolentino, Brand Building Integrated Production Director of P&G in Asia
  • Steve Vesegas, President & Supervising Producer Slingshot Manila.

#adoboTalksPOV: Advertising is not a stranger to disruption, but 2020 with its unprecedented challenges and global impact has managed to upended the commercial film industry as we know it.

Join us as our moderator, Angel Guerrero, Editor-in-chief of adobo magazine, tackles the current state of TV Commercial production: from the work arounds in production, the changed behavior of brands and agencies, to the considerations of safety measures to storyboards.

This roundtable is co-presented by P&G Safeguard, Viber.


Our drinks are from our partner, ServedManila.

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