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Arcade Film Factory earns 12 finalist spots in Mad Stars 2023’s Film Craft Category

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA —  Production house Arcade Film Factory has just secured 12 finalists in MAD STARS 2023’s Film Craft Category, in its first time joining the global competition.

These 12 finalist recognitions came from ten films with ideas agency GIGIL, and across eight clients like Jollibee, GrabFood, GrabCar, GrabDelivery, Diskartech, TNT Telco, Mandaue Foam, and RC Cola.

TNT TelcoSim Registration CampaignFilm Craft > Script
GrabCarSorryFilm Craft > Use of Music
Jollibee JolliSaversBallpenFilm Craft > Direction
Jollibee JolliSaversAir PurifierFilm Craft > Direction
GrabFood UnlimitedOfficeFilm Craft > Direction
GrabFood UnlimitedFolk HealerFilm Craft > Direction
DiskartechMosquito NetFilm Craft > Direction
GrabDelivery / GrabMartMother’s DayFilm Craft > Direction
TNT TelcoTattooFilm Craft > Direction
TNT TelcoPigeonsFilm Craft > Direction
Mandaue FoamBagsFilm Craft > Direction
RC ColaFood PackingFilm Craft > Direction

“This is an important milestone for us in the production house,” said Marius Talampas, Director and Co-founder of Arcade Film Factory. “These 12 finalist nods across 8 different clients and 10 different projects with GIGIL say a lot of good things about our enduring partnership and our consistency in delivering international-level films for our clients every time.”


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