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Awards: PANA relaunches a new and improved Panata Awards for 2022

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The PANAta Awards are back and better than ever before. This year, the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA), the country’s oldest and biggest non-stock and non-profit organization of advertisers uniting every major industry, is relaunching the prestigious awards show with some changes that will further elevate the program.

The PANAta Awards has always been known as the industry’s annual recognition program for brand effectiveness and marketing excellence. This year’s adjustments were made to make the program more inclusive while also better focused on effectiveness and results.

Firstly, SMEs have been shielded from competing with multinational brands with multimillion budgets. There will also be an addition of categories that are unique to brands, such as product innovation and direct-to-consumer efforts. The last, but perhaps most significant, change is that there will now be the presence of industry luminaries as judges on a per-category level.


PANA hopes that these changes will help them better celebrate brands and advertisers that have made a difference.

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