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Cheil Worldwide sweeps London International Awards 2023 with 15 statues

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Cheil Worldwide has won 15 Statues at the 2023 London International Awards (LIA) including seven Gold, four Silver, and four Bronze Statues. This year, for the first time, LIA announced the winners and finalists as each jury completed onsite judging in Las Vegas. 

“Samsung Unfear” grabbed a total of nine trophies including two Golds from Ambient & Activation, one Gold from Design, and another Gold from Radio & Audio. The advanced AI-powered app that works with Samsung Galaxy Buds filters and suppresses only the specific sounds that people with autism are hypersensitive to without canceling all the noise. 

“Knock Knock” continued its winning streak with four trophies including three Golds, one each from Ambient & Activation, Digital, and Transformative Business Impact. The solution allows victims of domestic violence to alert the police without saying a word by dialing 112 and tapping any number twice. Once reported to the police through “Knock Knock,” a link is sent to the victim to click that will immediately allow the police to identify the scene, track the victim’s location, and communicate with the victim undetected by the abuser.  


“The Chat” by BMB, part of Cheil Worldwide, for charity Breast Cancer Now won two Silvers at Digital. The WhatsApp drama series unfolded in real-time over 6 weeks through voice notes, gifs, videos, photos, and text messages sent between four best friends as they navigate an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis together. Celebrities, influencers, and the public joined the WhatsApp group to watch the series, sharing its content and sparking conversations on social. 

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