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DOT unveils prestigious Philippine Tourism Awards for industry trailblazers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — To honor the excellence and continued support of industry stakeholders, institutions, and partners, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has launched the Philippine Tourism Awards (PTA) to encourage friendly competition and, at the same time, further promote industry excellence.

“Today, we launch the Philippine Tourism Awards, which celebrates excellence in the entire tourism value chain. Through the Philippine Tourism Awards, we aim to give recognition to institutions, individuals, pillars, changemakers, and trailblazers in the various sectors of tourism that have contributed greatly to the fact that tourism is now one of the strongest pillars of our economy, providing jobs to millions of Filipinos, providing much-needed livelihood and employment in communities across the country. By reviving this program that recognizes the work of our partners in the tourism industry, we foster the improvement of the quality of tourism services across the country, for indeed, that is the goal of the Department of Tourism: to ensure that we can elevate the status of tourism to be at par and globally competitive with our neighbors and the rest of the world,” Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco said during the launching ceremony held at the Philippine International Convention Center last February 02.

“By recognizing these institutions, individuals, and enterprises that have gone the extra mile, we also foster healthy competition among industry players. And as we all know, with competition comes improvement in the quality of overall tourism services,” the tourism chief added.


The PTA is envisioned to become the highest and most prestigious citation in Philippine Tourism. The reinvention of the former Kasama sa Lakbay Kaunlaran ng Bayan (KALAKBAY) Awards and Tourism Star Philippines is conceived to be the pinnacle and most esteemed accolade in the realm of Philippine tourism that will pay tribute to the past while recognizing the present and future achievements of the tourism industry as an economic driver.

According to Secretary Frasco, the PTA is also geared toward strengthening the partnership of the DOT with the stakeholders from the private sector, local government units (LGUs), and the media and recognizing their consistent professionalism and support to the tourism industry. The program also seeks to honor the efforts of outstanding industry players and LGUs that have demonstrated excellence in promoting and developing the country’s tourism sector.

Set of awards

The inaugural PTA launched on Friday will have two major categories this year: the Philippine Tourism Pillar Awards and the Philippine Tourism Industry Awards.

As part of the DOT’s 50th founding anniversary, the DOT will honor tourism industry pioneers and institutions through the Philippine Tourism Pillars Awards. This is a one-time recognition program celebrating the DOT’s 50th Anniversary. It seeks to show appreciation to individuals, enterprises, destinations, and organizations who started it all for Philippine tourism. 

Specifically, entries under enterprise must be in a primary tourism enterprise that has been in continuous operation for 50 years or more; the individual should be someone with a continuous career in the Philippine tourism industry for at least 35 years.

This award shall be open to the public for nominations and be subjected to the validation of the DOT and knowledge partner PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

Meanwhile, the Philippine Tourism Industry Awards will be a periodic national recognition program for both the private and public sectors involved in developing and promoting Philippine tourism. 

The prospective awardees are envisioned to embody true Filipino hospitality and contribute to socio-economic growth and environmental protection. For the pilot implementation, the industry awards will have five categories:  institutional, individual, tourism product,  media, and special awards.

According to the tourism chief, the components of the PTA may vary subject to industry trends and performance. The DOT shall issue an official notice on the roster of Award Categories for every Call for Applications. 

Sustainability practices and equalization of opportunities until the grassroots level

In her address during the inaugural ceremony, Secretary Frasco emphasized the industry’s importance of inclusivity, emphasizing her experiences as a local chief executive before being appointed tourism chief.

“Notably, these awards will not be just in Manila. We are spreading the good news of recognizing our partners in all our regions in the country by making the awards both regional and national,” the Secretary said.

Likewise, she emphasized that the DOT’s set of standards aims to equalize opportunities for emerging and lesser-known recognitions and strengthen partnerships with LGUs.

“This local perspective we sought to introduce because I, myself, come from local government, and I’ve seen for myself that in cities and municipalities, barangays and provinces across the Philippines, there are tourism best practices that are truly worthy of emulation. They may not be as grand a scale as others, but certainly [they] are not lacking in heart and determination. These community-based tourism initiatives we seek to recognize and acknowledge as well, for truly, we can only claim success in the tourism industry if we can uplift not just a few of our destinations but as many as we can. That, we feel, is the essence and the purpose of what we are doing: to ensure as wide an opportunity as possible for our emerging and lesser-known destinations and products to be given recognition as we continue to recognize, of course, our tourism gems across the country,” she said.

Further, the Secretary thanked partners both from the public and private sectors for their continued support of the DOT.

“We are also here to say thank you, to express our gratitude to our partners whom we are honoring, as we understand that recognitions and acknowledgments also build brand confidence,” she said.

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