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My Kwentong Jollibee goes real and raw for Valentine’s

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Less cinematic, more authentic. For Jollibee‘s much-awaited Valentine’s series, “My Kwentong Jollibee” has transcended from inspired stories to ones that are lived out. Coming with two films from real stories: 30 Dates and To Love Again are set to tug at heartstrings with kilig, heartbreak, and hopeful new beginnings.

Talking to the team behind the campaign, McCann Worldgroup Philippines’ Group Creative Director NJ Mijares and Associate Creative Director Kenzo Villanueva said that “My Kwentong Jollibee” is essentially letting the people tell their own stories.

“When ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ started, I think that was 2016, it was just narrative, parang pelikula yung trato but now that the world is pivoting na rin sa authenticity; the age of vlogging, the age of… I’m gonna be authentic so ‘yun din yung pivot ng Kwentong Jollibee. We have to show the actual people that own the kwento,” said NJ.


(When Kwentong Jollibee started in 2016, it was narrative-driven and had a film approach, but now that the world is pivoting towards authenticity in the age of vlogging, “Kwentong Jollibee” also had to pivot. We have to show the actual people who own the story.)

Jollibee’s PR Partnerships and Sustainability Officer, Elise Maog, shared how fitting sharing the joy of love as a theme coming off of the brand’s 45th anniversary in 2023. “We wanted to offer something new to our consumers, and we wanted to open our doors for them to share their own stories in their own words.” 

Dennis Reyes, Head of PR Partnerships and Sustainability, added that the formula has not changed much and is still rooted in telling the love story of the Filipino people with the brand. That way, “It gives that more authentic and relatable feeling.” 

30 Dates tells the story of two colleagues who have developed feelings for each other after a full month of birthday treats at Jollibee while To Love Again takes one story from the Jollibee family — A mom scarred from a broken relationship fell for a man who was not afraid to prove his love and patiently won her and her family over. Both films are directed by Paolo Villaluna.

When asked about narrowing a hundred stories to two, NJ said that stories with conflict invite the audience to invest in the films and root for the couples.

“Everyone has their own love story but these kinds of stories na may conflict, may kailangan sila lampasan actually make things easier to watch,” Kenzo explained.

Keeping up with the times, Jollibee’s authenticity extends beyond romance and makes one rethink one’s perspective on love. “There are always two sides to every kwento, maganda dito is mae-explain mo ano yung side mo, maririnig mo rin ‘yung side ng kabila so at the end of the day, ang gusto lang naman namin dito is that people will appreciate both sides of love,” Kenzo said.

Because love is universal, Dennis shared, “For Valentines, let’s share the joy of love. Naturally, s’yempre araw ng mga puso it’s something na people celebrate from all walks of life… ’Wag kayo matakot magmahal.”

This year’s “My Kwentong Jollibee” is not one just for the audiences but translates to people who will introspect and share the love they have to give. After all, nothing says to share the joy of love more than real people, real stories, and real love.

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