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HW-Angs Inc. Events celebrates 20 years with star-studded Christmas party

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — To mark its 20th anniversary, HW-Angs Inc. Events opened its annual Christmas party to its trusted industry partners, including clients, freelance talents, service providers, and suppliers. The night proved to be nothing short of “HWangsderful.”

Inspired by Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” theme park attraction, the organizers brought to life a fairytale land, embodying countries and cultures worldwide. This symbolic gesture aimed to convey HW-Angs Inc. Events’ aspiration to become a global force in the industry.

The star-studded affair featured numerous celebrity appearances, and guests were treated to several performances from longstanding friends and talents associated with the company. Notable acts included Sam Concepcion, Erik Santos, and 4th Impact, alongside DJ sets by industry giants such as Mars, Miranda, Marc Marasigan, and Victor Pring. The program was hosted by Samantha Purvor, Baus Rufo, Donita Nose, Lassy Marquez, Jam Ocampo, and many others.


The show’s spectacular nature owed much to industry friends who had become regulars, contributing to the memorable legacy of Hwangs events and masterpieces. Jonnifer Santos, Managing Director and CEO, spearheaded the evening, showcasing a network of Hwangs supporters and friends integral to their journey to success. Many of the attendees had collaborated with the company on various projects over the years.

The enduring relationships formed underscored the agency’s brand and character — dedicated, collaborative, and passionate creatives. This resilience has propelled them to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable milestones. The party atmosphere resembled a grand family reunion, with familiar faces sharing stories of how Hwangs had left an indelible mark on their businesses, careers, and lives.

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