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PUP’s Advertising and Public Relations students gear up for 20th AdCongress on February 14

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Fourth Year Advertising and Public Relations Students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP – ADPR) are set to host the onsite comeback of the 20th AdCongress. This seminar, focused on advertising, will provide young students majoring in advertising and public relations or any related field with the ability to interact with industry professionals, learn from their experiences, form connections, and broaden their knowledge of the subject. This year’s seminar, “ADPortal: Traversing Through the Maze of ADPR Innovation,” will highlight the subject-matter expertise and seminar-planning abilities of each block of fourth-year ADPR students.

The Bachelor’s program in Advertising and Public Relations 4-1N, offered by the Department of Advertising and Public Relations within the College of Communication, is inviting advertising, marketing, and media-related practitioners on February 14 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Claro M. Recto Hall PUP Main, Sta. Mesa Manila, to their seminar titled “Amazingly Authentic! Exploring the Real Vibes of Digital Advertising.” This is dedicated to delving into the true essence of digital advertising and uncovering the crucial elements that contribute to its success.

By emphasizing the idea of “Amazingly Authentic! Exploring the Real Vibes of Digital Advertising,” this seminar stresses the significance of advertising that resonates with the genuine experiences and beliefs of the target audience. In addition, this seminar will delve into “The power of authentic storytelling in advertising,” emphasizing the capacity of genuine narratives to establish an emotive bond with audiences, thereby cultivating brand loyalty and active participation.


Moreover, this seminar will also explore “Strengthening the audience connection through navigating vulnerability in brand communication,” focusing on how authenticity and transparency can build trust and deepen relationships with consumers. However, navigating this ever-changing environment necessitates an in-depth understanding of the most recent technologies, methodologies, and optimal strategies.

Through the speakers’ presentations, workshops, and forums, the seminar offers interactive discussions in this unpredictable world of digital advertising. Attendees will be able to gain the skills and information necessary in today’s digital world. The seminar is open to everyone and is not restricted to advertising students.

To attend the seminar, register here.

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