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Filipino creatives Inez Jayme and Lorenzo Alajar compete as Singapore representatives in this year’s Young Lions Film competition

CANNES, FRANCE — Singapore’s advertising industry is renowned for its creativity, innovation, and ability to push boundaries. In this dynamic landscape, two exceptional individuals have emerged as rising stars, bringing their Filipino flair and talent to the forefront. Meet Copywriter Inez Jayme and Regional Senior Art Director Lorenzo Alajar, both hailing from PG ONE, Publicis Groupe Singapore. Together, they form a powerhouse duo as they represent Singapore in this year’s Young Lions Film competition.

Inez and Lorenzo’s Cannes journey began when they competed in the Nex Gen Young Creatives Competition, organized by the Association of Advertising and Marketing Singapore (AAMS). Given a challenging 24-hour brief, they tapped into their creativity and delivered an exceptional concept that impressed the judges. This earned them a spot in the prestigious Young Lions competition, powered by computer software company Adobe.

“As an art and copy duo, we were first intimidated by the film category as we don’t come from a production background,” Lorenzo shared. “However, we felt quickly reassured when we found out, during the briefing, that the jury values the insight and idea more than the production value and polish of the final product.”

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The Young Lions Film category showcases the talents of young creatives, challenging them to produce outstanding video content within strict time constraints. Lorenzo added, “For our particular category, we’re given 48 hours to create a film, entirely shot in Cannes. It’s made even more challenging as we are discouraged to use any stock videos. Thankfully, Adobe has given us access to the essential tools and resources needed to come up with the best work we can. We still have a full day ahead but nonetheless, the experience has been exciting and fulfilling. Definitely one for the books.”

Inez and Lorenzo’s remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring Filipino creatives. By showcasing the immense talent of the Filipino diaspora, they prove that diversity is an ideal and powerful catalyst for innovation and creativity.

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