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Leo Burnett’s ‘Unbranded Menu’ comes on top as the sole Philippine winner at the 2023 Gerety Awards

PARIS, FRANCE — Judged by all-women juries across the globe, the winners of the 2023 Gerety Awards have finally been unveiled. Representing powerful storytelling with unique perspectives and quality execution that redefine traditional advertising standards, Gerety-winning works are exceptional entries that stood out among the many submissions from advertising agencies, advertisers, studios, and production companies all over the world.

Among the countries represented in this year’s winner’s showcase is the Philippines. The sole campaign from the country that made the cut has been — and continues to be — a favorite among juries this awards season: “Unbranded Menu” by Leo Burnett Group Manila for McDonald’s.

The campaign won two metals for this year’s Gerety Awards, a Bronze each for Innovation Cut, a category that hones in on the creative use of data to elevate customer engagement, and Experience Cut, which awards works that challenge the expected by transforming the client experience.


While “Unbranded Menu” doesn’t make use of any fancy or groundbreaking technology, it still captures the ingenuity that can be achieved when advertisers know how to tap into the world of gaming and social media to boost engagement and further establish brand awareness and identity. The idea was simple but brilliantly innovative — have gamers, from big-time streaming personalities to everyday video game fans, screenshot the food in their favorite games that look like McDonald’s menu items and post it with the hashtag #ThisIsMcDonalds for a chance to get both digital and real-world rewards. In no time, the campaign went viral.

The throngs of people that found McDonald’s favorites in their go-to games — from giant, action-packed titles like Grand Theft Auto and Guardians of the Galaxy to more laidback favorites like Stardew Valley and The Sims — proved just how much the brand has become first-in-mind for everyone. Leo Burnett Group Manila tapped into the idea that, regardless of the lack of names or logos on these fictional food items on the screen, when people think of food, they think of McDonald’s.

Visit the Gerety Awards website for this year’s full list of winners.

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