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LIA announces Jury Presidents for Health & Wellness, Pharma & Medical and Craft categories

LAS VEGAS, USA — The London International Awards (LIA) is pleased to announce the Jury Presidents who will set the bar for awarding the best work in Health & Wellness, Pharma & Medical and Health & Wellness – Craft, and Pharma & Medical – Craft 2024 competitions.  

Today, creativity in Health & Wellness and Pharma & Medical is a far cry from the work that was created in the 1980s and 1990s. These days health and wellness is something consumers are obsessed with from diet to exercise to healthy sustainable lifestyles. 

Despite pharmaceutical advertising still being highly regulated, the industry has made massive strides in using creativity to color outside the confines of the strict lines. Talented creatives have changed the narrative of the market through engaging storytelling. It is as Pablo Picasso said: “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Picasso himself being a great example; he broke the rules and “started Cubism” with The Young Ladies of Avignon, which took him nine months to finish. Breaking the rules is clearly harder than following them. 


Terry Savage, LIA Chairperson, commented, “Leadership of any international jury panel is critical to the outcome. LIA prides itself in having great Presidents, who understand not just the work, but also the cultural nuances associated with work.”  

The Jury Presidents for this year’s Health & Wellness; Pharma & Medical; Health & Wellness – Craft and Pharma & Medical – Craft are well known “rule breakers” – each has risen to where they are today by challenging convention, and succeeding. 

  • Health & Wellness Jury President: Susan Perlbachs, Chief Creative Officer at 
    , New York 
  • Pharma & Medical Jury President: Tom Richards, Chief Creative Officer of 21GRAMS, London 
  • Health & Wellness-Craft and Pharma & Medical-Craft Jury President: Jonathan Isaacs, Global Chief Creative Officer at TBWA\Health Collective 

Judging in Las Vegas commences on September 29, and will be completed on October 07, 2024. All rounds of judging are done on-site at the Encore @ Wynn Hotel. Every judge is required to see every piece of work in their respective categories. These panels decide on the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Statue Winners, as well as the Finalists. Each panel, at their discretion, also decides on whether a Grand LIA will be awarded.  

As there is no off-site pre-judging, all judges are fully involved from the beginning to the end, so everyone is privy to the final results before they are published. 

LIA is just one of five global shows that is included in the WARC Creativity 100 rankings. 

For more information on the juries, categories and/or requirements, visit our website at:

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