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MAD Stars invites junior creatives to join New Stars MAD Competition 2024

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA — MAD STARS, the international marketing, advertising, and digital content festival combining creativity and cutting-edge technology, has invited aspiring junior creatives worldwide for its New Stars MAD Competition 2024.

New Stars represents a new dawn in the journey of emerging creative minds, offering a platform where junior creatives with under five years of experience can showcase their skills and creativity in marketing and advertising. The competition seeks to foster growth, inspire innovation, and nurture the next generation of talent while also facilitating networking opportunities on an international scale.

Eligibility for the New Stars MAD Competition 2024 extends to individuals or teams of two specializing in related fields such as marketing, public relations, advertising, and AD Technology. Participants must have less than five years of experience and must have joined the company after 2020. To apply, interested participants can visit the MAD STARS website and complete the application form as per submission requirements.


Competition details:


  • Preliminary Round: April 02 to June 06
  • Finalist Announcement: June 13 (via the MAD STARS website)
  • Final Round: August 20 to 23
    • Venue: BEXCO, Busan, Republic of Korea

Key events during final round:

  • August 20: Orientation
  • August 21: Announce the Subject, Start the Competition
  • August 22: Finish the Competition, MAD STARS Opening Ceremony & Gala
  • August 23: Judging, MAD STARS Awards Show & Closing Gala

Note: The competition schedule is subject to change. Registration Fee is USD 1,300 per person, applicable only for teams qualifying for the final round.

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