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McDonald’s and Leo Burnett Korea join the line-up at AdAsia 2023 Seoul

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — McDonald’s and Leo Burnett Korea are joining the line-up at AdAsia 2023 Seoul, which runs from October 24 to 27.

In a session called “Unravelling the magic of K-content,” Ada Lazaro and Myong-ah Sung will explain how McDonald’s is staying relevant among younger generations in Asian markets by tapping into K-culture.

Ada Lazaro and Myong-ah Sung

As Regional Marketing Director for McDonald’s Asia Business Unit, based in the Philippines, Ada has spent 11 years with McDonald’s. She achieved Hall of Fame recognition for a series of successful sales and brand campaigns and is now driving growth for McDonald’s across 12 markets.


Myong-ah Sung is the VP, Head of Planning/Account Management Director at Publicis Groupe Korea. She boasts over 24 years in the advertising industry and has been a valued member of Leo Burnett, and Publicis Groupe Korea for 12 years.

“We can’t wait to share our insights into how McDonald’s is building relationships with consumers in Asia by helping them feel connected to the culture they care about. McDonald’s campaigns don’t feel like marketing, they entertain in playful ways to give people ‘a little bubble of happiness’,” explained Ada.

Myong-ah added, “In the past, we scaled our reach. In the future, we must scale our relationships. In this talk, we’ll explain how McDonald’s and Leo Burnett Korea are scaling their relationship with Gen Z. In particular, we’ll highlight our collaboration with NewJeans, a campaign that’s making the whole of Asia dance.”

McDonald’s Korea launched its NewJeans collaboration in Korea on 1st June to promote its new chicken range. The “McDonald’s Chicken World” campaign is now expanding to eight Asian markets, when one of the world’s hottest K-pop bands will lead the region to join their ‘chicken dance’, spreading from Korea to the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

With 65 years of history, AdAsia is being held for the third time in Korea with the theme ‘Transform, Play, Connect.’ Find out more via

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