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TikTok and Viva reveal the top 5 finalists of the For You Pelikula Short Film Festival

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video, in collaboration with Viva, a premier multi-media company, has officially unveiled the top five entries for the #ForYouPelikula Short Film Festival. This revelation signifies a milestone in the festival’s mission to foster the emerging Philippine short film industry and empower up-and-coming filmmakers and storytellers.

From October 02 to 22, the Philippine creative community was invited to participate in the #ForYouPelikula Short Film Festival. Submissions ranged from one to three minutes in length and were crafted by creators and storytellers from various corners of the nation, each contributing their unique narrative to the festival.

A panel of experts, including executives from TikTok and Viva, conducted a rigorous review of all submissions. From the wealth of talent showcased in the entries, the top five finalists were identified for their exceptional storytelling abilities and creative vision. According to TikTok, these submissions not only resonate with younger audiences but are also poised to earn recognition on a broader scale, potentially influencing the local short film industry’s future.


The top five finalists are:

Kismet by Direk Gen (@directedbygen)

Kismet is a heartfelt short film that explores the bittersweet moments and profound questions surrounding love, destiny, and the importance of cherishing every second together.

@directedbygen KISMET SHORTFILM | Here's our entry to @tiktokphilippines and @vivafilmsofficial #ForYouPelikula starring @immeloaguilar and @.njpn #FilmMakerPh #FilmMaker #filmmakersoftiktok #FilmPh ♬ original sound – Direk Gen

Nomi by Pelikula ni Romano (@pelikulaniromano)

Nomi explores a young man’s day at the beach with friends, but it takes a dramatic turn, delving into themes of grief and the haunting aftermath of a past tragedy.

@pelikulaniromano Nomi. #filmtok #ForYouPelikula ♬ original sound – Pelikula ni Romano

A short film idea by Novy Recate (@novyrecate)

Novy’s entry is a contemplative short film idea that delves into the complexities of a couple’s future, sparked by the prospect of winning a 600 million-peso lotto jackpot during a fateful weekend getaway.

@novyrecate Been thinking about this story for so long! #ForYouPelikula #movieidea #lovestory #movietok @TikTok Philippines ♬ original sound – Novy Recate

A short film idea by scenki (@scenkiii)

Scenki’s entry presents a mind-bending short film concept where a chance encounter with a mysterious phone app allows the protagonist to explore their past and future selves, raising questions of identity, choices, and how to reconcile the two.

@scenkiii another entry for #ForYouPelikula by @TikTok Philippines @VIVA_Films @viva_records #fyp#foryoupage#foryou#fypシ♬ original sound – scenki

Kambal by AManFullOfBadIdeas (@amanfullofbadideas)

Kambal is a suspenseful short film idea that revolves around identity and the complexities of sibling relationships. With an unexpected twist, it explores themes of self-worth, the impact of societal expectations, and the unspoken emotions within a family.

@amanfullofbadideas Kambal, entry to #foryoupelikula #bookofbadideas #horrortok ♬ original sound – AManFullOfBadIdeas

Julie Zhu, Entertainment Lead for Philippines at TikTok, remarked, “Throughout the period of video entries, we’ve witnessed an incredible outpouring of support from the community, all coming together to celebrate the vibrant storytelling culture of the Philippines. The quality of entries has been nothing short of inspiring, showcasing the boundless creativity that thrives within our community. We look forward to seeing the top five entries come to life on the big screen through our collaboration with Viva.”

Furthermore, these entries will be transformed from imaginative concepts into silver-screen-worthy productions through Viva, with the inclusion of professional actors in the production.

The grand culmination of the festival is set to take place at the #ForYouPelikula Awards Night on November 28, 2023, at Venice Grand Canal, Venice Cineplex Cinema 5. This much-anticipated event will witness the top five original submissions contending for the Best Entry Award, showcasing the finest of the Philippine short film community. Simultaneously, the Best Short Film Award, chosen from the Viva-produced films, will be unveiled, marking a momentous occasion for these budding storytellers. Both accolades come with a significant reward, as each winner will receive a cash prize of PHP 50,000.

Stay updated with this cinematic journey by following TikTok and exploring the hashtag #ForYouPelikula on the platform.

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