100copies launches ‘SPLAT!’ T-shirt

ASIA PACIFIC – January 23, 2014 – To welcome 2014, 100copies founder Thomas Yang has launched ‘SPLAT!’, a new T-shirt design.
"To begin the new year, I have launched a new print T-shirt edition called "SPLAT!" Come rain, come shine, come flies, be unstoppable," said Yang, creative director and avid cyclist.
Like all the products at 100copies, the design is limited to, as the name suggests, 100 copies and is labeled a unique edition number. "As such, no two copies are ever completely identical," Yang said. 
100copies is a collection of art prints that feature and are driven by the passion for cycling. "As with cycling, speed is of the essence, so each piece of work is limited to 100 copies only," the website description reads.

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For detail & purchase on this print, visit 100copies.

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