HVMO’s Tony Sarmiento featured in the Philippines Yearbook 2014

MANILA – January 23, 2013 – Tony Sarmiento, Managing Partner at Havas Media Ortega (HVMO), has attained the distinction of being the only Cannes Lions Advertising Awards winner to be featured in the Philippines Yearbook 2014. 
Published by The Fookien Times, the yearbook recognizes Filipino individuals who are agents of development and steadfast advocates of Filipino pride, HVMO said in a press release. 
Now in its 77th year of publishing, the 440 page publication has describes itself as an annual assessment that captures the “nation’s renewal” and “countrymen’s restoration” for nationalism towards a more pro-active nation building.

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Describing his love for the Philippines, Tony was quoted as saying, “Having travelled and worked abroad, I have been able to view the Philippines from the eyes of an outsider – an overseas worker, an advertising creative living in Malaysia, a homesick and eager prodigal son – I can say that nothing quite compares to the beauty of this country. Coming back and staying for good seems to have been one of the best ideas I have ever had.”
Some of the other prominent national figures in this year’s edition include Abby Asistio (Alopecia Awareness Ambassador), Daphne Oseña-Paez (Creative Entrepreneur), Jim Paredes (World Citizen), Gary Valenciano (Music Icon), Kenneth Cobonpue (Industrial and Furniture Designer) and Maegan Young (International Beauty Queen, Ms. World 2013)
Commenting on Tony’s selection, Vernon Go, President & Publisher of The Fookien Times said, “I put together the content of the 2014 edition of The Philippines Yearbook in close coordination with top commercial photographer Xander Angeles, who has his ear to the very roots of the creative industry, both in the Philippines and the world. Tony Sarmiento is the number one ethnically Filipino creative director in the industry and this was the key reason for us featuring Tony prominently in this landmark and very modern rendition of my family’s publication now on its 77th year of publishing.”

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