BBH intern lives the life of a migrant construction worker

ASIA-PACIFIC – SINGAPORE, DECEMBER 2011: A 22-year-old intern will live and work as a migrant construction worker for two weeks in Singapore as part of an internship project Made by Migrants. 
Made by Migrants is a project created by an international group of interns from BBH Asia Pacific, who were bought together by the advertising agency to ‘do something good, famously’ as part of a 10-week internship program, the BBH Barn. Inspired by the Singapore cityscape and the migrant workforce around them, they embarked on this project together. The team includes Victoria Phantharangsi from Sydney, Mark Choo from Singapore and Ian Napier from Manchester. 

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Ian Napier, Victoria Phantharangsi and Mark Choo

Over the next two weeks, these interns have sent team member, Ian Napier, to stay in dorms, travel to and from sites and perform the tasks expected of him alongside migrant construction workers. His experience will be documented via video blogs, diary entries and photography which will be uploaded daily at the website The project hopes draw out a sense of pride and collegiality between migrant workers and the rest of Singapore.
“What we aim to achieve over the next couple of weeks is to give an insight into the life of a migrant construction worker. These men literally build our cities and we want to explore their identities as more than just a collective workforce,” said Victoria Phantharangsi, intern, BBH Asia Pacific.
With 50 percent of the population at any given time being foreigners, it would be amiss not to contemplate the role that Singapore plays in the global economy.
For migrant workers, the chance to come and work in Singapore despite the sacrifices that they make, essentially breaks the poverty cycle that they and their families would otherwise be trapped in.
The use of social media will allow for an intimate glimpse into the voyeuristic quality of this project, where viewers will be able to interact with the characters that emerge via Twitter. The public is invited to ask questions through

The project will end in time for Migrants Day on December 18, 2011. 


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