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Art & Culture: Artists of Advertising (AOA), online gallery exclusively features artists of advertising

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Artists of Advertising (AOA) recently launched an online gallery that celebrates the original works of current and former advertising practitioners. In its opening exhibition, AOA features 14 artists with 50 art pieces of paintings, illustrations, collages, sculptures, digital art, mixed media and photography.

The first group of artists include Adeste Deguilmo, Cobie Cruz, Gissele Bautista, Jane Ebarle, Jo Aguilar, Jules Ozaeta, Kankan Ramos, Nelson Cruz, Pia Benitez-Yupangco, Raymond Legaspi, Sugar Perez-Alcain, Suzette Bernardo-Montelibano, Vicky Ortega and Vin Quilop. Seven of the artists have exhibited in international galleries in New York, Paris, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver and Singapore, and have been featured in international art magazines.

“Artists from the advertising industry also need a venue to express their personal thoughts and emotions,” said Jos Ortega, co-founder of this new art marketplace, “and free from any client brief.”


“What you will notice in our virtual gallery is that it is a happy place. Most, if not all, of the art works provide positive vibes like love, joy, calmness, kindness and surprise. These are art pieces that will bring a smile to your face every day.” said Kankan Ramos, co-founder and one of the celebrated in-house artists.

“Since its launch, many artists from all sectors of the industry have signed up for the site. A second wave of artists will be introduced in the second quarter of 2021.” added Laszlo Lim, co-founder.

Artists of Advertising (AOA) is a digital company that celebrates the joy of art with everyone at The Co-Founders are active advertising practitioners. Jos Ortega is the CEO of Havas Ortega in Manila. Laszlo Lim and Kankan Ramos are the Managing Partners of Invictus PH. AOA recognizes that mental health is an issue in the industry. It commits to allocate a portion of its income to the promotion of mental wellness.

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