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Campaign Spotlight: Tata Motors launches an ad campaign for the new Tata Safari

MUMBAI, INDIA – Tata Motors, India’s leading automotive brand, launched an advertising campaign for its premium flagship SUV, Safari.

Over a decade back, the Tata Safari encouraged young India to reclaim their lives. Today the legend comes back to remind us that there is more to life than just boardrooms and deadlines. To remind us that time and again, we need to reclaim our lives from the shackles of our schedules and calendars.


Reclaim Your Life (Watch 60-second version here)

Today’s Tata Safari is like the potential buyer, a more mature, more sophisticated version of what they were over a decade back. They are all achievers in their respective fields. They retain their hunger for professional success and their streak for adventure. But they are equally tuned in with their collective needs. Work and family life aren’t mutually exclusive ways of life – one to be chosen over the other. They balance the two effortlessly – with sophistication & maturity.

The new Tata Safari campaign, Reclaim Your Life, is an ode to their evolution and their ability to balance the beautifully complex worlds they live in. It reminds us that to take control of our life, we have forgotten how to live life. We are so lost in our current affairs that we don’t remember anything beyond. We are so bound by the calendar that we have forgotten that it’s all created. The new ad asks people to unfollow the calendar and live life according to their terms.

The campaign for the all-new Safari has been conceptualized and developed by Ogilvy Mumbai. It has a media mix of over 50 TV channels and a huge print and OOH coverage.

Vivek Srivatsa, Head Marketing – Passenger cars: “Safari has always enjoyed an iconic status. With the new launch the challenge for communication was to raise the bar even higher, while refreshing the Reclaim your life theme to bring it in sync to the current times. Ogilvy has managed to do it beautifully in terms of storytelling and also in the way Safari has been integrated in the story.”

Saurabh Kulkarni, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai: “Working on the new ‘Reclaim your life’ campaign was a big, big deal since the brand and the ad that launched it have something of a cult following. A lot has changed since then, though, including the consumer. Now, we’re talking to somebody who’s older, who’s confined, not by the Monday to Friday routine, but by their own mindset which says that there’s something called Monday. The client was clear from the start that the ad shouldn’t be about showcasing features but rather telling a story. So, we told the story of a guy who breaks free of this construct of a calendar in his mind and reclaims his life.”


Client: Tata Motors Limited
Creative Agency: Ogilvy, Mumbai

Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy India: Kainaz Karmakar and Harshad Rajadhyaksha
Managing Partner, Creative (West): Anurag Agnihotri
Creative: Saurabh Kulkarni, Rohit Devgun, Urvashi Das, Sheldon Dsouza, Suhas Panchal, Rishabh Dave, Shashank Mestry and Jatin Rupapara
Chief Executive officer, Ogilvy India: Kunal Jeswani
Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy India: Prem Narayan
Associate President & Integrated Brand Team Leader: Prakash Nair
Account Planning: Kshitij Rajoria
Account Management: Dushyant Kumar, Feroz Shaikh, Suraj Das, Purusharth Desai, Spriha Walia, Juhi Wadia and Krupali Zaveri
Production House: Story-tellers
Director: Arun Gopalan

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