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Arts & Culture: Netflix and Yard create “Black Lights” to promote Jeymes Samuel’s “The Harder They Fall “

PARIS, FRANCE — While some historic personalities have had their century, others have never ceased to be forgotten by history. However, France would not be what it is today without recognizing that it also owes to the existence of each of these figures. That’s why Netflix created an open-air museum with the help of Yard in the city of lights, to recognize and commemorate the contribution of those historical figures so often left in the shadows, the Black Lights.

This fall, Netflix signed the release of The Harder They Fall by director Jeymes Samuel and produced by Jay-Z. A wildly cast western highlighting the forgotten history of Black cowboys. On this occasion, the platform wanted to continue the director’s approach by telling the forgotten stories of Black personalities in the history of France. Now, perhaps even more so than yesterday, it’s time to pull these men and women out of the shadows. It’s time to tell their legends, honor their memories, let the whole of France know their names and their stories, and perhaps, finally, give back what belongs to them. They are our “BLACK LIGHTS.”

“Black Lights” is an open-air museum in the heart of Paris, created by Yard, that revealed the stories of seven forgotten Black figures in French history: Toussaint Louverture, Chevalier de Saint-George, Christiane Eda- Pierre, Raoul Diagne, Jeanne and Paulette Nardal, René Maran. The installation, which was open from Oct. 29-31, featured “Black Lights”, six gigantic stelae next to the Eiffel Tower, highlighting the portraits of the characters accompanied by texts written by Kevi Donat (@leparisnoir), an expert historian on culture and Black history. Hundreds of people came to the scene to discover these personalities, to feel represented, or both…


“Black Lights” is also about giving three young Black directors – Johanna Makabi, Alexia Fiasco and Lossapardo – carte blanche to tell, in their own way, with their words and their eyes, three stories around figures of their choice. The three films, the stories of Paulette Nardal, Raoul Diagne and René Maran, will be shown in France’s MK2 cinemas for one week later this month.

Brand : Netflix
Agency : Yard
Text and Research : Kévi Donat, @leparisnoir
Illustrations : Chérif Kid
Scenography : Matière Noire
Production : Miles

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