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Arts & Culture: Tao Po is a timely reminder on Extra Judicial Killings

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — “Tao Po” tells the stories of four individuals whose lives were changed by the extrajudicial killings that started in June 2016. Through monologues, activist Tina Mae Paner also known as Juana Change performs a one-woman show to unfold the riveting stories that were based on reality.


Among the four stories are that of Raffy Lerma whose photo “Pieta” became the renowned face of the EJK in the Philippines and around the globe.


“Some of my media colleagues ask why these things aren’t new, so why are they making headlines in international news?” said Lerma.

One monologue humanizes the side of the executioners by telling the story of a gun for hire. Another monologue tells the story of Rosing, a mother who lost both her husband and son. The last one is about a daughter orphaned by the EJK.

Paner delivers the monologues strongly and with impeccable timing. The versatility that is required of the show is top notch. Her performance is nothing short of saying how relevant the issue of EJK still is. The show is still available on October 1, 2, 8, and 9.

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