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Cultural Center of the Philippines extends deadline for applications to CCP Kanto Kultura: Baraptasan 2024 to December 10

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — To provide ample time for more groups to produce their video entries, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) has extended the deadline for applications to CCP Kanto Kultura: Baraptasan 2024 to December 10.

The competition is open to groups, consisting of Filipinos aged 18 and above. Each group must be composed of three individuals; two playing as the opposing sides in the verbal joust (Una at Ikalawang Magbabaraptas) and one mediator (Lakandiwa). Groups can use the following languages: Filipino, Ilokano, Hiligaynon, and Cebuano.  


To join, groups must submit a video of their Baraptasan performance, focusing on any of the following topics: 

  1. Sa pagsusulong ng kaunlaran ng bansa, aling paraan ang dapat gamitin – makabago o makaluma? 
  1. Nakakatulong ba ang social media sa pag-unlad ng kaisipan ng mamamayan – oo o hindi? 
  1. Kailangan bang mangibang-bayan upang higit na mapaunlad ang sarili? 

Groups can submit their entry using this link. Zoom recordings of the Baraptasan performance are also accepted. 

From the submissions, 10 finalists will be selected and invited to perform in the national competition, slated on April 06, 2024, in Manila, just in time for the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the first-ever Balagtasan. Travel and accommodation expenses of the finalists during their stay in Manila will be shouldered by CCP. 

Winners will receive the following prizes:

a. First prize: PHP 300,000

b. Second prize: PHP 200,000

c. Third prize: PHP 100,000.

The rest of the finalists will receive PHP 50,000 each. 

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