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Top 5 funniest Deadpool scenes before Deadpool and Wolverine release

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Deadpool & Wolverine is one of the month’s most highly anticipated summer movies. To celebrate, let’s look at those scenes of Wade Wilson doing what he does best: bringing out his funniest and craziest antics!

Say Ah!

Deadpool, the 1994 mini-series

Writer: Mark Waid │Artists: Ian Churchill, Lee Weeks, and Ken Lashley


While Deadpool was already well known for his banter while fighting, this series shows the Regeneratin’ Degenerate at his best. When a group of high-tech goons comes to kidnap Wade, he slices and dices them while talking a mile a minute with some genuinely hilarious jokes — think a very deadly Spider-Man. Best line: “Say ah!” as he skewers one goon who responds with an “AHHHHH!”

Top 5 funniest Deadpool insert3

Back to the Future

Deadpool #11

Writer: Joe Kelly Artists: Pete Woods and John Romita Sr.

Thanks to a time travel mishap, Wade and sidekick Blind Al are stuck in the 60’s. More importantly, they crash land into Peter Parker’s home and accidentally knock out Aunt May. To preserve the timeline as they figure out how to go home, they pose as Peter and Aunt May. All the while, they make meta snide remarks at the era, and the Spider-Man comic they are living through.

Top 5 funniest Deadpool insert4

Some things just can’t be unseen…

Cable/Deadpool #9

Writer: Fabian Nicieza │ Artist: Patrick Zircher

The X-Men need Deadpool’s help but he’ll do it only under one condition: he gets to wear an X-Men costume of his choosing. Much to our laughter and the X-Men’s chagrin, Wade decides to wear Marvel Girl’s very skimpy green costume. DP argues that their opponent will be too distracted by his sexy legs!

Top 5 funniest Deadpool insert1

Tangled Web

Spider-Man/Deadpool #1

WRITER: Joe Kelly Artist: Ed McGuiness

Spider-Man and DP find themselves bound to each other. Face to face. This leads to the funniest and bawdiest monologues you’ll ever find in a Spidey book; “If you don’t stop squirming, I am totally going to ‘unsheathe my katana’ all up against your ‘spider-eggs.’”

Top 5 funniest Deadpool insert5

“If I tell you, do you promise to keep eating?”

Uncanny X-Force #4

Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Jerome Opena

When Archangel, aka Warren Worthington III, finds himself severely malnourished because of an enemy’s powers, Deadpool takes it upon himself to revive his teammate DP-style. Half-conscious, Warren doesn’t realize that Wade is slicing off pieces of himself and feeding them to him!

Top 5 funniest Deadpool insert2

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JV Tanjuatco, comic book writer/editor/publisher, founded Comic Book Lab, which publishes the comic book titles Mythopolis and War of Whispers (co-created and co-written by him). Comic Book Lab’s most recent project was the graphic novel anthology Stay: 21 Comic Stories, authored by Palanca Award winner Angelo Lacuesta and illustrated by a stellar line-up of artists, including Trese’s Kajo Baldisimo. He has also written articles/reviews for, and Ain’t It Cool.

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